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Is it Raining?


When it rains it pours.IRS

Trust has to be earned. Sincerity and honesty don’t come wrapped in a package with ribbons.

Unless you have been on another continent or stuck on a remote island with no communication with the outside world, understanding the truth of trust broken in America has hit an all time high.

As the leader of the free world stands behind a real podium and announces, “I had no idea any of this was going on” many questions fill my brain.

What was it Bill Clinton repeated over and over?  “I did not have sex with that girl?”

If there is a correlation here to the present condition of our government, it is a real lack of trust within the administration itself. One dept. after another including individuals would just as soon throw each other involved in the latest defamation of our freedoms under the next bus that drives by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trickle down suspicion is the first secret to be exposed. One by one the malice spreads until the dark shroud is lifted by some degree of confrontation or truth spilled unexpectedly. Lies eventually speak for themselves.

As if the latest explosions of treason weren’t on the radar, the only hold out was when they would detonate. If you didn’t see this coming you must have been watching the shopping channel.

The Obama Administration:

“The government has placed itself in the position of never getting caught. Do whatever needs to be done to get what we want. It doesn’t matter who you step on, what group you profile or what embassy gets blown up; we will press forward with the democratic agenda. If we have to we will rid the nation of conservatives who are racist, extreme terrorizing groups and individuals who desire to end abortions, stop Gay Marriage and use guns to shoot those of us who disagree with them.”

Unfortunately, attitudes such as the above are a result of the blindness of liberals. I for one am disgusted at the constant attacks, ridicule and lies being told about those of us who follow the constitution and live accordingly. After this past week, they have no argument. Besides the facts that have surfaced implying possible criminal activity is the sickening hypocrisy the left has hurled continuously at conservatives.morals

Regardless of how this plays out, consequences of sin from this government have already been set in motion. The absolute turnaround within the last few months of an arrogant, sanctimonious group of people is now emerging.

As I have written over and over, no matter what good may result from the present Government, issues such as homosexuality and abortion have been stipulated by God as reprehensible acts. These issues will trump anything else. God is not in the bargaining business.

America is a chosen nation by God to aid Israel. America is a chosen nation to financially bless other countries in need. America is a chosen nation by God to set an example for others to follow.

My prayer is that those who have misunderstood the truth will allow God to open their eyes and hearts. This is not about getting revenge or reprisal. It is about restoration and repentance for our nation that is hanging over many cliffs.

If I didn’t know any better, my sense is a new leader has moved into the Oval office.

2 Peter 2:19 “They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”






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3 thoughts on “Is it Raining?

  1. When we reject the Lord and His Word for our country…. how can we not expect Him to allow us to continue on the path we have chosen. Troublesome days are ahead, I’m afraid. All of our leaders need our prayers that the Lord would burden their hearts and they would lead the nation back to Him. Lord bless you Cathy.

  2. Amen….! I stand with you in fervent prayer agreement!

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