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My personal testimony and how Jesus transformed my life.


Please read. This is the personal testimony of a dear blogger friend, Freddy Winter. He continues to motivate my walk with God and as you read his words here, you will also be blessed. God is amazing!

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It was May 14th 2006, a Sunday morning that began like many other mornings. I felt hung over and lousy after a week of drinking. This wasn’t the first time for me. I had plenty of those lousy days. Alcohol Had become a big problem in my life, in fact, a huge problem.  Growing up Germany,  alcohol was a part of my lifestyle and the culture.  Many of my friends that I hung out with started drinking from an early age.  Meeting friends, hang out in the Gasthaus/Pub and drink beers, was a daily routine. Getting up for work and meeting my friends afterwards for some beers in the Pub. 

I moved from Germany to San Diego, California at the age of 22. I was pretty tired of Germany, mainly because of the weather. It rained a lot and I loved the sunshine. I had visited California a few…

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2 thoughts on “My personal testimony and how Jesus transformed my life.

  1. Sister, thaank you so much for this amazing Testimony and much strengthened to share with others in India, GOD has done miracles in your life. Babu

  2. thank you for sharing your testimony and that of your friend, God bless you!

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