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My personal testimony and how Jesus transformed my life.

Please read. This is the personal testimony of a dear blogger friend, Freddy Winter. He continues to motivate my walk with God and as you read his words here, you will also be blessed. God is amazing!

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It was May 14th 2006, a Sunday morning that began like many other mornings. I felt hung over and lousy after a week of drinking. This wasn’t the first time for me. I had plenty of those lousy days. Alcohol Had become a big problem in my life, in fact, a huge problem.  Growing up Germany,  alcohol was a part of my lifestyle and the culture.  Many of my friends that I hung out with started drinking from an early age.  Meeting friends, hang out in the Gasthaus/Pub and drink beers, was a daily routine. Getting up for work and meeting my friends afterwards for some beers in the Pub. 

I moved from Germany to San Diego, California at the age of 22. I was pretty tired of Germany, mainly because of the weather. It rained a lot and I loved the sunshine. I had visited California a few…

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