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Destiny Assignments (Part 2)

Unleashing Freedom

Seeking God with your whole heart is the only way to find out your life assignment.

Time alone with the Holy Spirit will grant you clues for your calling. Reading the Bible and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you through God’s word will open doors of knowledge and wisdom.

The following are steps to follow to find your assignment to carry it out.


  • You must first accept it as a God given approved assignment and is not to be altered
  • The Holy Spirit will qualify you to solve the problem through instruction
  • Understand you may feel inadequate or fearful
  • Do not stay where you are not assigned


Of utmost importance in discovering your assignment is to realize the attacks, persecution and enemies that will be unleashed to try to stop you. The evil one uses friends, family and your closest relationships to question, interrogate and accuse you of everything from blasphemy to questioning your doctrine.

One of the greatest lessons God ever taught me was this principal:

 Get over being offended.   WHY?

→You will not be appreciated. You will be resented, misunderstood and despised.

→Others will feel convicted and discomfort around you due to the intimidation of not discovering their own assignment

→Seasons of pain and crisis are normal when seeking your assignment

→You will lose your best friend; possibly family members and acquaintances.  

→Labels will be laid upon your head to discredit and humiliate you

When you discover your assignment, your enemy will emerge. Once you absorb the reality that you will find yourself alone in a boat with Jesus, you will not be hurt, offended or take it personally what others may do to you. In fact, you begin to see them as Jesus does. Your view of people changes even when they slap you around.

Understand they are not where you are spiritually. Jesus understood this perfectly even as he was betrayed by one of his own.

As backward as it sounds, learning these vital warnings will change your thinking, guard your heart and give you freedom unimaginable.

Satan is determined to stop you. He is not interested in you as much as what you are assigned to do. He fears the completion of your assignment and will sabotage and distract you any way he can.

You are probably asking yourself about now “why would I want to do this? It sounds miserable?”

What did Jesus do for you?seriously