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Destiny Assignments (Part 1)

Whether you believe it or not we are all here for a reason.what-am-i-doing-here-cardboard-homeless
The question remains in the minds of many, “What is my purpose?”

Destiny: what you do, the person you were created to be

Assignment: something assigned as a particular task or duty

There are problems and those who solve them.

There are people with problems and those assigned to help solve their problems.

Our looming purpose is often never discovered. Why?

God is left out of our equation so we pursue that which he never intended for us to pursue.

Each individual creation is filled with an assignment by God.

No one is here by chance; no one is an accident.

Discovering your assignment is a process.cross

It involves certain qualities of learning, living and listening such as:

◊ Receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit

◊ Living in the center of God’s will even geographically

◊ Going where you are celebrated, not just tolerated

◊ Understanding it will take time, preparation and patience


It is no easy undertaking. There are classes to attend such as:

The class of insignificance

Isolation or much time spent alone

Distractions like from ‘hell”

God’s assignments for his children require total focus almost as an obsession which can lead to miracles.

Your destiny may cost you everything but will give you more than you think you lost.

Discovering your assignment is progressive in nature. Clues to what you are to do may be a passion for what you hate or love. Champions are born out of fighting for that which they believe in.

For instance: you may hate crime. Then follow God’s lead to do what he needs done in that area.

Or…you may love children. God will show you the way to the nursery….

Each person has a specific assignment. Think of it as your own personal anointing from God. No one else qualifies to do what you were put on this earth to do.

Who knows: you may be the link in a golden chain of supernatural wonders.

1 Corinthians7:20 “Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them.”

To  be continued…..






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