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We make them every day.247485_369876596466308_1441475224_n

We live by them.

We bring joy to others with the right ones.

We bring pain to others by the wrong ones.

We are a result of the choices we make.

Sometimes life throws us a bone and we have to decide whether to chew on it or hide it.  The bone is tempting. Do we sink our teeth in it now, or bury it for later as a “rainy day surprise?”

Still, it is a choice.

What many don’t realize are many choices we make in the present can change life or lives forever.

A moment in time could be that phone call you never wanted to receive due to the negligence of a 3rd party.

The day arrives when you finally have to admit your parents were right. About almost everything.

That horrid split second you discover the person you trust most in the world is a pathological liar.

Choices can make us or break us. Much of it depends on our responses to the world around us. How we handle the latest family crisis or daily life in general can arrange or re-arrange our purposes or intentions for our next move.

Oh that we could change that choice; go back in time and erase the moment.

The upside to bad choices is hopefully we wise up enough to learn from them. That in itself is a choice. Our options can keep us from making repeat performances or seeking prudent counsel for a much more intelligent outcome.

Moses. After he killed a man in a fit of rage, did he want to return to that point in time and stop before he murdered him?

The disciple Peter comes to mind. How many times during his life had he wished he could make his denial of Christ disappear?

The brothers grim. Betrayal was their purpose so they sold him to Egyptians. As far as they knew Joseph was dead. For the next 20 years the guilt of their treachery delivered misery to their sick souls.

We are all given the same opportunity to choose right or wrong, good or evil. God delivers messages of the cross to everyone. He is merciful in constantly throwing his love at our hard hearts.the-truth-shall-set-you-free

It is the heart of man that must change. The choice is made at the foot of the Cross.

Just as wrong choices lead to suffering consequences, right choices can lead to the truth.

It is the truth sets us free.
(John 8: 31-32)





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5 thoughts on “Choices

  1. sometimes I wish I wasn’t given choices. i would like a statement of yes or no you can or you can’t

  2. Most of our so-called wisdom comes from making bad choices or mistakes during our life’s journeys.

  3. “It is the heart of man that must change. The choice is made at the foot of the Cross.” Amen Cathy… how very true it is. For any of us to be blessed with the ability to make the right choices that are fueled by the right motivations, we must have a change of heart and the grace of God instilled in us.
    Lord bless you.

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