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Vocabulary or “Fillers?”

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Yep. Those ugly swearwords show up too often.

Don’t watch TV much. Can’t stand the cussing, over sexed violent movies.

It isn’t limited to just TV programming. Remember the speech given by the President only to have Joe Biden whisper what he really thought in his ear?

Comedies aren’t comical anymore. Maybe they need lessons from Carol Burnett.

They forgot what it was like to be Andy Griffith. Don’t remember him and Barney using profanity. And Barney knew how to yell.

Somewhere along the way it became acceptable to slur our words into vulgarity.

Oh; that’s right. Happy Days didn’t have Charlie Sheen.

Once heard if you cussed a lot it meant you had a lousy vocabulary. It’s called “fillers.” People need to curse to “fill” up their sentences since language skills have gone to the dogs.

Hollywood must be full of English dropouts.

What about the politicians?

How about the general public?


One thought on “Vocabulary or “Fillers?”

  1. If TV scripts are written for people with verbal comprehensions of 10 to 12 year olds, why do they need cuss words? Scary thought isn’t it?

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