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What goes around…ends up next door?


Life is funny.

A few years back one of our neighbors wanted to kill our cat. Skirting the details I will suffice it to say due to circumstances out of their control it was an unaccomplished threat. Never mind they were breaking the law and no one told them, but they don’t hesitate to accuse others who are.

Believing God works in mysterious ways is not a jibe here, but after 2 years of repeated acts of hate towards us, they now have another problem. And it isn’t our cat.

“It just so happens” their next door neighbor got a new dog back a few months ago.  Until recently, it wasn’t that noticeable when she let the dog out in the backyard in a little fenced in area. Now that the weather is warmer and windows come flying open the entire neighborhood knows when the little pooch is outside.12256194845o1eV5

The sound of a wailing child loudly reverberates down the street. His moaning and groaning is nauseatingly annoying. Over and over he cries wanting back in until his howl or yowl becomes a lamenting whine. This little pup is not happy alone in the back yard.

Wearing himself out, he stops periodically to rest his pathetic voice. Once revived he begins whimpering. The whimpering soon grows into what I would label as a “sobbing dog.”

He stays until he has relieved himself; however long that may take.

The owner is oblivious to this “canine rant” or maybe is just hard of hearing.

Knowing the conversations we have had about this pitiful creature I can only imagine what the “cat killers” must think. The screened in back porch they relax in has a direct view to the dog pen and is in very close range to hear his sniveling yelps.

I wonder if they will confront this pup’s owner for disturbing their peace.

Some people are born grumpy.

Sadly, they never grow out of it.

It must be exhausting searching for everyday wrongs done by others so grouches can uphold their reputation.

During this attack, I began praying for them. Sure, I asked God to protect our cat, but their souls are hurt and damaged.

God has shown me when I pray for those who seek to persecute, hate or lash out, he changes my heart towards them. He discloses the need, pain and misery others may be experiencing so that I may be able to view them as he does. Doing so, eliminates the assault and whether they are at peace with me or not, I am at peace with them.

His compassion for them rubs off on me resulting in separating the sin from the sinner.

Without them ever knowing it, God intervenes to soften their hearts as prayer is continued to bring them to the Cross of Christ.

During this process, God sanctions behind the scenes miracles for the prayer soldier.



Like eradicating the initial reason the attack was made to begin with.

In our case, God used other means to remove their animosity towards our furry feline.


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7 thoughts on “What goes around…ends up next door?

  1. I have to admit when I hear a dog whining or barking over and over it does get on my nerves. Here when we call the office to complain nothing happens. I hope the situation gets better. I feel sorry for the pup but on the other hand the dog has to learn to do his business outside and not indoors. But I say if he hasn’t gone potty within ten minutes, let him in and try again in ten minutes

    • Terry, I agree. She leaves the poor dog outside for too long and like you I feel sorry for him. Yet, he gets louder as he gets older.  It will be interesting to see what happens.    Have you found out anything legally about Al? Have you spoken with anyone yet?

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


      • I have called the State twice to see if I get the same story about his liability and I did. I have called every day waiting for the Ombudsman to call and yet nothing. I have chosen the case worker now and so we are waiting for a meeting with her, me and Al. She will check over the house and his day program. I have heard now it will go very quicklly

  2. Sometimes, I go so far as to ask God to move a neighbor or two to Hawaii. I think of it as blessing them. So far, God has ignored these prayers of mine.

  3. Who could ever want to hurt a little puddy tat? 😦

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