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Mental Health and the 2nd Amendment

The case years ago brings to attention some important issues today.

Summing up my observation of this particular mentally ill woman was she was never a threat to anyone, including me. If anything she was her own worst enemy.

During those weeks of following her around, I was never told she had hurt or harmed anyone. For the most part she wanted attention, love or affection.

Her husband told me long before this uncontrollable event he had given her a gun to keep with her; for her own safety. He had trained her himself as to how to use it.

It made sense to me as he was gone a lot so I never questioned it.

The truth is while she was medicated there would have been no reason whatsoever for me or anyone else to believe she would not be responsible in using a pistol for self-defense.

However, when un-medicated she was not responsible for anything much less using a gun.

Where do you draw the line?317512_351786084931609_1113885996_n

She was alone much of the time.

Her husband felt she could handle a gun knowing her condition.

I knew them for over a year before there was any reason for me to think she was mentally ill.

The question arises who is responsible?

Who should be able to own a gun?

There are many nut jobs out there. We hear about them every day now.

Maybe the question should be who should not own a gun?

Let’s see:


Doctor ordered cases of Psychiatry/Psychology or Counseling or the Aged such as those with Dementia/Alzheimer’s/etc.

Registered Sex offenders


Questionable foreigners?

The list is all well and good but 3 on that list will get a gun no matter what if they want one bad enough.

One thing I do know is it is not the government’s job.

The family is or should be responsible for each other.

If not, the local community, counselors, doctors, Pastors, lawyers or law enforcement.

The real answer? Get right with God.

This discussion wouldn’t be necessary if that happened.



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