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Continued: A True Story about Mental Illness


She was going out in public in her gowns, drunk and driving.

Places like Restaurants, shops, public facilities, the library. She was disruptive, disturbing the peace and bothering customers

And they were all calling me because,


I had no jurisdiction over this woman but each time I had to go get her or call the police. This went on for almost 3 weeks and I still had no idea what was wrong with her.

My continued calls to her husband came up with nothing. It was as if he didn’t want to be found.answer%20the%20call

One night I received a phone call from a local hotel. She was in the lobby in her gown trying to pick up men and she wouldn’t leave. Informing them I could do nothing they called the police. The police called me.

Making a trip to this hotel when she saw me, she ran over and hugged me as she always did.

We were afraid for her life. She had no idea what she was doing, where she was or who she was. As I discussed the situation with the policeman, they agreed to drive her home for me.

Still no response from her husband.

The next few days it was eerily quiet. No sound or sign of her. My hope was she had woken up from a bad dream I thought I was having. Not so.

The music started up again. I noticed a strange vehicle parked in front of her townhouse. The music was so loud she couldn’t hear me knocking.

The front door was unlocked so I went in.  Big mistake.

The smell was so raunchy I almost got sick. The townhouse had turned into a pig pen. I had seen some pretty grimy, messy and filthy apartments but this looked like a landfill.

In the back I could hear laughing; voices. Not just hers but a man also.

Once again I was not prepared for what I saw. She was fully dressed with a young guy who was half her age both sitting in the bathtub with no water in it. Obviously sloppy drunk from the liquor bottle she had in her hand I yelled to get their attention.

Laughing, she invited me to join them. Having no idea who this guy was I told him to leave immediately.  He didn’t budge.

When she pulled out a pistol and began twirling it with her finger I flew out the front door. th

The police arrived. We managed to get the loaded gun away from her and questioned the guy.

Somehow the officer was able to get a court order to take them both to jail until they could find out what to do.

When I left one more message for her husband telling him to come home because his wife was in jail, he responded.

I never found out who the strange guy was.

Her husband confessed to me she had been diagnosed years prior as a severely manic bipolar depressed woman. Doctors had her on large doses of Lithium to treat the illness. At times when he was gone she would quit taking it which led to the onset of her completely losing control and becoming a different personality altogether.53b1ef1d534bda2070792eb866835e36

Apologizing to me, her husband said when I started calling him, he knew what was happening and just didn’t want to face it.

In and out of mental hospitals all of her life, he had to commit her once again and then he moved out.

I never saw either one of them again.






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4 thoughts on “Continued: A True Story about Mental Illness

  1. I have ran into a couple of patients with this illness. It is such a sad one where the medications must be taken every day. The brain is so sensitive and so complicated. Although I realize she was becoming a pain to so many, my heart breaks for her. She has no idea what she is doing

  2. So sad, and another opportunity for grace,

  3. Yikes…from everything I’ve read/heard about, this is a very hard road to travel.

  4. Bless you for stepping in.

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