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A True Story about Mental Illness


Many years ago I went to work as a Leasing Agent.property_management_job_description

After being promoted to manager of the company I worked for a year later, I was given 76 units in 3 different parts of town. The owner gave me an end apartment in a group of townhouses that were off the beaten path. They were nice, not new but well-kept and safe.

A married couple lived next door to me. He traveled most of the time and she stayed home. No children, no pets.

Having lived there before I moved in, their application was simple; no relatives or connections. He had a very good job making very good money which was apparent by the expense given to their home.

When he was home and not traveling, they would invite me over for a delicious dinner or meal. She was an immaculate housekeeper and great cook. These 2 were quiet, never caused any problems and always paid their rent on time.

He would be gone sometimes 3-4 weeks at a time. After a while I wondered why she didn’t work, but he made plenty of money so she really didn’t need to.

About a year later I noticed something different about her. He was gone and she began acting rather strange. Instead of the silent, timid and shy person she usually was she seemed to be louder, aggressive and playing music all day long.

After a few days the music became disruptive. A few complaining tenants forced me to say something to her.

Ringing her doorbell I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when she opened the door.

Her townhouse was a wreck. Food was everywhere. Trash was scattered and dirty clothes all over the furniture. Up until now I had never seen her smoke and I knew she didn’t drink alcohol at all.65681_403926559714557_1656579308_n

Liquor and half empty beer bottles were spread around the room. Partially smoked cigarettes sat in ash trays filled with old ashes.

The place smelled like a tobacco factory with a liquor store in it.

But the biggest shock was her. Hardly dressed, with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other she laughed and asked if I wanted a drink.

I told her no, I was working. I then explained to her the noise ordinance and she gladly told me it was no problem; she would turn the music down.

Leaving to go back to my office, I decided it wasn’t any of my business and to let it go.

The loud music never stopped.

After numerous attempts to get her to turn it down I noticed she became almost hostile.  Every time I knocked on her door, the townhouse appeared in worse shape. It was filthy and began to stink.

When she did nothing to change any of this, I called her husband. Cell phones had not been born yet; all I had was an 800 number to his company. They told me they would tell him I called and to call me back.

If anyone had told me what was about to happen over the next few weeks I would never have believed it.

TO BE CONTIINUED…..215680269624148109g2oHOl77c


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9 thoughts on “A True Story about Mental Illness

  1. Now you have me intrigued. Can’t wait to read the rest of the story and hoping for a happy ending. 🙂

  2. Hmm! Very interesting. Drop everything and get the next part down now, okay?

  3. that’s not fair………….I want to know the ending!!!!! LOL

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