Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

Christianity 0ut of the Box



In the wake of two tragic weeks, the onset of bewilderment has set in.

In Waco, Texas another horror story.  Overwhelming is an understatement of emotional roller coasters we play in our heads. When will this stop?

Words such as these, “Nothing will bring us down. Nothing” may sound optimistic, hopeful and strong, but unfortunately they aren’t true.

For many years the “pride agenda” has grown.  More pride is not the answer. Quite the opposite.

What needs to be said, or prayed is “Father, in Jesus name. Please forgive us. We ask you to come back to America and lay your hand of protection on us once again.”

The idea Americans are unshakeable or indestructible is propaganda; a falsehood born out of an independent but unattainable belief.

We can do nothing without God, but Americans have tried over and over to do so.

Why does America think it is different from any other country?

Where do we get off believing we are special?

God is no respecter of persons which means Americans are judged the same as anyone else.

America has become a “Mutual Admiration Society” of its own.  We have not built Golden Calves, we are the Golden Calves. And we all know what happened to those.

The new America.






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