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And they wonder why…..


The signs are all there. A continuation of one crisis after another.

Storms, blizzards, hurricanes floods, earthquakes.

The 2013 Hurricane season is almost upon us with predictions of major hits.

“Sandy” victims await the promised aid that never came.

And they wonder why.

The first bomb went off hurling shrapnel like bullets.

Marathon runners fell to the ground.

Screams, and cries resounded down the street.

Billowing smoke rose as shock set in.

Someone yelled, “Run!” and they didn’t just mean the marathon runners.

Horrific as it was, the 2nd explosion boomed not far from the first.

By now sirens were going off all over.

Police, EMT’s, and medical personnel appeared on this all too familiar scene.

And they wonder why.

Results of on-lookers, runners and observers close to the bomb site described the setting as a carnage of limbs, and blood-spattered faces.

This gruesome and dreadful replay is one more reminder of a deadly past.

“This is America! Such evil doesn’t happen here!

But it just did. Again.

And they wonder why.God

In an instant, the world changed again.

The fiery darts of the devil just grew into explosives of malicious wickedness.

High Security Alerts are launched around the world.

Fear and the unknown have replaced any thoughts of peace and safety.

But this was in the United States? The land of the free and the self-sufficient?

And they wonder why.

News reports, speeches, and journalistic views hit the airwaves.

In the halls of Congress, a halt in “business as usual” is brought to the floor.

The President speaks on national television labeling this act of sacrilege as “terrorism.”

It was spoken, this great city was prepared for such an event of defilement.

And yet, they still wonder why.

Immediately the clash of religious liberty is forgotten; ejected from its seat of the ACLU and the mouths of atheism.

These are real people, wounded, injured and killed from the mentally ill minds of demonic hate.

They aren’t running to the walls of the courts who have decided to throw out truth.

They aren’t running to the politicians for emotional support and guidance.

They aren’t seeking help from the ill- advised and spiritually lost.

No. They are crying out to the Creator of the Universe; the God they have kicked out of every possible corner of this nation. The God they ran out of our schools, public properties and desecrated his name with contemptible and despicable actions. They are reaching for the Father of us all who sent his son Jesus to save us from this vile “forever.”

In the immediate aftermath of this unnecessary, abhorrent violation of human rights, leaders, correspondents and newspersons who have abandoned the Christian faith were calling for people across the land to pray for God to intervene.

Any still, they wonder why this stuff keeps happening.






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5 thoughts on “And they wonder why…..

  1. Absolutely well written. To paraphrase a statement we have all heard before: I guess one day we will know when we stand before a Sovereign God and He wipes away every tear. God bless you for sharing this.

  2. each time something happens, shooting, bombs whatever it may be, I am reminded more that God is coming. I crouch under his shadow and wait for him to take me home

    • Terry, God is not finished with you. You have a story to tell. When tragedy happens like yesterday, he uses people like you who have survived circumstances most of us cannot imagine. Your strength in Christ is so much larger than you know.  You are the kind of person that is needed and can handle being in the midst of such a horror. With your training and background, I can see you running to help those hurt.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


  3. If only our hearts were not so hard, maybe we would learn the answer.

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