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An Unwelcome Invasion


They are coming.

cicadaThat’s right. The lost generation is no longer lost.

After 17 years in hibernation they are letting loose.

The is the “Year of the Cicada.”

Cousins of the “katydids” these underground creatures will perform the “music of the year” when they unleash themselves along the East Coast.

Millions of these noisy, chirping, disgusting little beasts will emerge, breed and die leaving piles of little dead bodies everywhere.

Living in the south, we get some every year, and yes, they are very annoying.

According to National Geographic, the group expected to arise from the underground is referred to as “Brood 2.” (sounds like the name of a “gang.”)

These will be the offspring of the 1996 parents. It is believed they should begin arriving in early May. I can’t wait.

Entomologist see this as a major event. Sam Droege, an entomologist at the U.S. Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland described them this way:

“They are really pretty. They have wonderful red eyes. They are giant little flying machines. We learn so many interesting things from insects.”
 ( Is this guy really speaking about a cicada?)

Somehow I can’t excited about this 17 year onslaught.

Cicadas are not harmful, cannot bite and actually add nutrients to the ground. I am glad they are good for something.

As we prepare for this unwelcome reunion, anyone living in the “line of fire” might plan that outdoor wedding or vacation, indoors.





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5 thoughts on “An Unwelcome Invasion

  1. When I was traveling in the south I came across hoards of these. I could hear them with my car windows shut. It was a sight that I had never seen. Actually it was amazing but glad I didn’t see them once I got to my own home state

  2. Cicada music harmonizes quite well with my tinnitus (ear ringing). It’s almost enjoyable.

  3. That picture looks a little sinnister, mmm….:)

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