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Whoops! I did it again.joyce-meyer-header

Yep, that’s right. You know; that old thing of doin’ the right thing but it didn’t quite come out the way I intended?

How often can I do this and get away with it?

Well, just keep asking for forgiveness. That way doin’ the wrong thing over and over gets redeemed. You know, like it gets fixed.

So, you sayin I can keep sinnin and then go to Sunday mornin service and repent?

Yep. That right. Why not? That’s what everbody else does ain’t it?

Well, I dunno. My mom never told me nothin like that.  She always says we need to be good; you know. None of that hanky-panky stuff cause one day we get caught and might not make it to Sunday. Then what do ya do?

Oh, I dunno. I guess go to hell?

Sorry, dumbing down will not excuse anyone.

We have the idea that as long as we play ignorant, or in other words “ignore” the truth, it will go away, not apply to us or eventually change.

Eventually change to what?

Whatever we need it to be.

After all God extends his grace to those who repent.

“You do not have a license to run the traffic lights and get away with it.”  (The actual line from the movie was: (Q) to Bond: “You don’t have a license to run the traffic lights. You have a License to kill.”)

The grace needed for those who really don’t understand the Bible, or God may be a result of no Holy Spirit intervention. You will have to ask God what his extension of grace applies here, but you are held accountable to a point of what you presently know and live by.

Reading articles about the man who has just stepped down as the Presidential Pastor, I was shocked at his viewpoints of the President’s faith.

Joshua DuBois, a Nashville Pentecostal Preacher has been Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships for the last 7 years.

Speaking of the President’s Christian beliefs he said and I quote, “President Obama is a Bible-believing Christian — he believes in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus,” he said. “But he also believes that the way you live your faith out in the world is critically important.” He added the Christian faith had shaped the President’s life.  From an article of the http://www.tennessean.com/



What Bible is he reading?

My Bible does not promote homosexuality, abortion, welfare, unfair taxation, class warfare, gun control, national healthcare or socialism to sum it up. It specifically speaks over and over and over of the Nation of Israel as being God’s country and people and how God will deal with those who go against his promise to the Jewish people.  I wish I could say for sure his latest and only trip to Israel this past month illuminated a glowing love and concern for Israel, but it only left me with the question, “is this for real?

My Bible is explicitly against these issues yet this Preacher claims the President is reading his Bible every day and living by it?

I really hope I am wrong here. What accountability does this Pastor have? Does he have inside information from the President he is obviously not telling us? Most likely, but if he agrees with this President’s mandated proclamations that are opposite of the Bible, what is he preaching?

Believe me. Nothing would make me happier than to have President Obama step up to an unscripted podium and say,

“I have been wrong about many things such as supporting gay marriage, abortion, gun control, budget issues, welfare problems, class warfare and ISRAEL. God has revealed this to me in a way I cannot refuse.  I have repented of these evils and know now I must change the way I live, lead and speak. I ask for your patience as I am a work in progress like many of you. But, I have seen the light. There will be many of you who will be shocked, angry and question my decisions now, but it is my prayer that as God has shown me the light, he will also show it to you.”

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”


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