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From Carpenter to Savior

“He is not here. He is alive.”images

Yes, he was a carpenter. Mary and Joseph’s son.

He wasn’t just any carpenter; and he wasn’t just any son.

Absorbing the plan God had for mankind to redeem us is not your ordinary scheme.

The comprehension of it is a process; but one that should lead anyone who grabs such love and sacrifice to a place never known. That place is or can become refuge, peace and safety.

Impossible to take it for granted, if anything the conviction would hit even the hardest of hearts like a sledgehammer on a brick wall.

For me, these last few weeks watching the “Bible Mini-Series” awakened my interest in new questions, and a love for Jesus that continues to grow.

As cliché as that may sound or superficial, who cares how it happens. God doesn’t. Argue that point with the donkey God used with Balaam.

Religion becomes liberalism very quickly when we limit God to church pews, rigid lessons of piety and judgmental overtones. The 4 walls of a building won’t teach Jesus.

Hillsides, boats and water were his classrooms. Fish and bread was his menu.

Simplicity of his words, Godly wisdom and knowledge and an outstretched arm to a hurting soul were his lessons. He possessed no flair or pretense. Facial expressions revealed his love for those society considered reprobates and offensive.

Angels in the Bible Mini series

Angels in the Bible Mini series

Following Jesus Christ is not a religion; it is a relationship with the creator of the universe.

Many do not understand this important detail is the core of Christianity. It can only be accomplished by serious time alone with God, reading his word and praying. One hour a week on Sunday morning with a bunch of people you may not even know is not a relationship. It is needed but will not produce the intimacy and closeness we must have to survive in this messed up, sick world. The fact is planet earth today is a time bomb waiting to be detonated.

If people would get rid of their pride, look to Jesus, repent and turn from their evil ways, the enemy would be kicked into space. Planet earth would be like Heaven.

The King of the Jews was not born in the Hilton. He didn’t grow up on Rodeo Drive. He didn’t ride around in the latest Lamborghini.  His job of choice wasn’t CEO of a major corporation.

No. The King of the Jews was born in secret in a small stable. Carpentry became his vocation. He rode in on a donkey wearing sandals and dusty clothing. His earthly life appeared to be the very opposite of what the Pharisees expected from their long awaited Messiah.

Jesus wasn’t the beginning of Christianity; he is Christianity.

He wasn’t only the King of the Jews, he is the Savior of the World.

And in some ways he is still very much a carpenter.



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