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“He will Split Rock”


There are critics and then there are reviews. What we need is a reference to God in the world today even if it comes in the form of a TV mini –series. “God is with us.”

“The Bible” on the History Channel and re-run on Lifetime has become a hit.  From the beginning to the end 10 hours have condensed the greatest book ever written.  Understandably it is unreal to believe that everything written could be shown in the allotted amount of time.

“Listen carefully, there are conditions.” Exodus 23: 22

You would think Christians would understand that God can use anything to bring lost souls to him.  Knowing God as I do, he is most likely less of a critic than those who make a living do it.

Abraham & Sarah

Abraham & Sarah

The first 4 hours have done what the Executive Producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey hoped for. In fact the ratings have soared far outweighing their expectations. “God has kept his promise.”

Why do we have to critique everything? Why is it we are so particular or “legalistic” about the details of such a performance?  Some of the reviews by Christians would leave a non-believer confused, bewildered and less likely to pick up a Bible and read it which was the point of the producers in their quest of such a project. “God will guide your choices.”

Instead of viewing the production as a creation for dialog, placing real questions in the hearts of those who watch it and leaving one to ponder the works of God, negative assessments have surfaced.

Sure, Hollywood spiced it up.
“For God said Rahab must be spared” Joshua 6: 17

The stories are not word-for-word from the Bible, but are noticeably connected.

Special effects are a real attention getter but also quite impressive.

Acting and production is professional and well prepared.

Dramatic images of the Supernatural create curiosity.
“He will split rock” Joshua 5: 13

However, it reflects the Bible as it really was. The question of those who are continually against war will realize how God fought battles for and with the Jewish nation over and over. The stories bring to light the supernatural power of God adding flare for those who are always seeking drama and action. “Your duty is to drive the Philistines away.”

Even Franklin Graham endorsed the movie mini-series.

He said: “The Bible Series… will likely cause a viewer to want to open the pages of Scripture.”

As an inquisitive Christian, it did exactly what Franklin Graham spoke. The passion and detail presented in these stories initiated a curiosity in me to pick up the Bible and read it. In fact the Monday after the 2nd series, I read the entire section about Joshua taking over after Moses died. Hopefully, non-believers will too.



If anything, so far the mini-series reveals the power God has with those who seek to follow him seriously.  There is no question the movie depicts the love, devotion and obedience to God through the representations of Noah, Moses, Joshua, Samson and David.

Isn’t that what we need?

“Shout a great shout”
Joshua 6:10






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10 thoughts on ““He will Split Rock”

  1. http://aroundeverycornerat.blogspot.com/2013/03/what-is-grace.html

    Thank you for this!! Indeed, God can use anything and something like this is a good thing anyway…..just like the 10 Commandments – it gets people thinking and perhaps asking questions. Maybe they need to think about their own imperfect lives and if they ‘could’ handle it if people started asking them! The world is seeing the Christians here in the USA as a bunch of negative bummer-ho-hums….but we have the Good News!…and I know Jesus was not ho-hum! I just wrote a post on grace….bless you!

  2. i’ve watched this show myself and it does just as you say, it makes you want to pick up the word of God and check things out for yourself. For someone who was raised in church, I know a good bit about the popular bible stories, but a refresher is often needed and you learn something new each and every time you read God’s word. There are some things I really disagreed with, but while i disagreed the story wasn’t being portrayed accurately, I only wanted to research the truth for myself all the more, like the story of Samson. I didn’t agree that Samson was black and didn’t like that he was portrayed the way he was. But that’s just me.
    I think it’s great that in this very dark world we are living in right now, shows like this and Duck Dynasty are the lights in those dark places that will give people hope.

    • Dear Vina, Yes, there are discrepancies but for the most part hits the mark of their attempts to get people to open their Bibles. Even when discovering it may be wrong may lead a non-believer to ask why they portrayed certain events/people as they have. I look forward to watching the rest of it. And who would have thought a silly group of long haired bearded men could sit around a table and pray before dinner on TV and it become the hit it is. God knew this bunch of duck callers would. God is the only way they made it to TV !LOL!

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


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  4. I agree that television or movie productions can catch the attention of non believers and new christians that are struggling to understand and know the Lord. I remember when I was a new christian trying to understand the real significance of our Lord Jesus Christ and his place in my life. Someone in our small group decided we should watch the movie “The Gospel of John” and that movie made the Jewish world at the time Jesus was with his disciples come alive to me. Growing up with no religous background I was really having a hard time imagining what it was like in the time period and that movie helped me a better understanding of Jewish culture how they dressed, why people were killed, why Jesus had to die. I will be forever greatful to the producers of that movie and I am enjoying the series you mentioned as well. Thanks for writing this critique

    • Dear Jennifer, thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I do agree with you that as much as Christian TV has been given such a bad rap, I have also learned much. Growing up in a Christian home, I still didn’t know Jesus. Charlton Heston’s great epic acting in “The Ten Commandments” on TV was a major turning point in my walk with God. We have to decide as Christians to read between the lines and if we can tell the difference then great. But for the non-believer, a TV mini-series such as this may be God’s way of showing them himself or the life they know nothing about. God bless!

  5. Some good points Cathy, so true, we tend to be too critical when it comes to biblical movies/documentaries. I saw part 1 and I have yet to see part 2 which I have DVR’d. It may not be all biblical correctly and some important parts have been left out, but its not meant to be an in depths Bible study. The more mature believers know that all 66 books are about Jesus and the picture God was painting for us in the OT about His first coming, i.e the story about Abraham commanded by God to sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah, which was a picture of what God would do 2000 years later on that very same Mountain. So what if Noah had an Scottish accent? Gods word never returns void, and I pray that many people will pick up their Bibles and read it for themselves and discover the truth that can only come by the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • Freddy, thanks so much. It is funny you mentioned the accent! I read reviews where people were complaining about where the actors were from and how did they get those parts, etc. So ridiculous.  Had I not been a believer the 4 hours so far would have at least made me question and possibly open a Bible. Christians forget that God starts meets us where we are even in a Bible mini series or Duck Dynasty! LOL!   I once heard Dr. Billy Graham say God created computers for the specific purpose of spreading the gospel to parts of the world we can’t reach by foot. Same with TV, radio. But many Christians don’t see it his way. It is when Satan gets a hold of God’s tools that mess it up.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


  6. I am sitting here reading this and my heart is sinking. I totally forgot about last Sunday to watch it. I already know I missed a good program

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