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Just Stand

Recently an incident occurred at the college my husband works for.

Having been employed for close to 6 years, the students know who he is. This particular Tech school has around 4,000 students and is thriving.

As the Director over 4 departments including the Bookstore he knows many of the students as well.561742_338331566277061_1940289004_n

The bookstore is connected to a very large Food court. Students can meet to see friends, enjoy a snack or lunch and take a break between classes.  From the front of the bookstore you can visually see the activity in the food court due to the glass windows.

Now my husband is a large fellow, 6 feet tall with strong arms and muscular. Along with a compelling physique God blessed him with a deep educated voice. His resilient nature sounds off when he speaks. The staff and students are well aware of his management skills and prolific professionalism.  And no one messes with him.

He has a separate office away from the bookstore. If his employees need him he is available to walk over from his office to help. This particular day he was in the store.

Lunchtime had arrived and the food court was lined with hungry classmates meeting for that mid-day soft drink and a slice of pizza. He told me it was crowded as I have witnessed this myself.

All of a sudden it got louder as two college girls decided to fight over their “gangsta boyfriend.”  Evidently the boys like it when their girls fight over them; yea go figure. These 2 girls were yelling back and forth and eventually were in each other’s face.  The rest of those in the food court were watching in anticipation to see what they would do.

One of his employees witnessing this brawl-to-be motioned to Mark to look out into the food court.  As the noise grew  the scene played out until…..duck-dynasty

Mark opened the door from the bookstore into the food court. He walked out a few feet, crossed his arms and began to stare at these two boxing women. Without saying a word he just stood there. His stalwart and intense presence indicated he was not happy.

Immediately upon seeing him, the room went silent.  The two girls stopped and walked away from each other. Slowly but quietly the students began to leave.

As he continued to stand there with his piercing eyes and fierce position, peace entered the room as the food court became completely empty and silent.

Needless to say, word traveled fast of how he had charismatically stood inaudibly and cleared the room.

After hearing him tell us this story, the thought came to me of how he never questioned NOT intervening, he just intervened.  The truth is he is a very humble man; he has worked hard his entire life to get where he is without boasting but don’t mess with him.

The reality is he used his God given qualities to prevent what could have been a bloody mess.

It was not about him.

He is so sure of his faith in God he knew God would show up.

He kept his mouth shut and allowed God to flow through him.

He stood. He didn’t move.

He was confident God would do what he couldn’t do himself from a human standpoint.

Just stand.

Ephesians 6: 13 “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”





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