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Absolute Unnecessary Cruelty


Today, March 12, 2013 at around 1:00 pm our daughter was coming home from work. At the lighted intersection of Hwy 441 and St. Paul’s church road at the bridge, a very large turtle was trying to cross the road.

She turned around hopefully to block the road with the intention of saving the turtle by moving him out of the road. Before she could get to him two cars purposely ran over this innocent turtle. The first car was green with a black driver. The second was a white car but she couldn’t see who was driving.

The turtle was still alive barely, but she could see him crying with his mouth open in severe pain. He was left turned upside down with his shell cracked and his organs coming out of his body. She went back and realized he had been hit again because he was turned over.

She came home crying herself at the horror of this unnecessary and vile act of animal cruelty.  She and I find this to be despicable and a reflection of the mental state of many people.

Who are you who did this?

Do you get some kind of sick kick out of injuring God’s creation?

Do you have any idea how old this turtle might have been?

What was this turtle doing to you?

Just so you know whoever you are we have contacted the local police and they are looking into this matter.

The truth is whether you got caught or not performing this nasty, evil dastardly deed God knows what you did and we know what you did. There is absolutely no excuse for such an unspeakable and horrendous crime.

Not only was this vicious and sadistic behavior, it is shameful.

It is a sad day in America when heartless and malicious offenders like yourselves take their frustrations and anger out on a harmless, and defenseless animal.

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5 thoughts on “Absolute Unnecessary Cruelty

  1. Cruelty has always been a part of mankind. Maybe more so today.

  2. That’s awful! People, anymore, are twisted and demented.

  3. How horrible! 😦 I just can’t imagine that people would actually do that.

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