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Echoes of the West Wing

The following link is a story about the educational system in Alabama. I don’t relish in knowing the state’s policies but this is a no-brainer.

Alabama passed a bill giving parents of students enrolled in “failing” schools a tax credit for the opportunity to send the students to a school of their choice.

What? Actually allow the parents to be parents?

Well, yes and then no.

Evidently the Democrats in the legislature along with the teachers union decided they know what is best for the students, not the parents. Of course this has nothing to do with money. (yea-right)

It has everything to do with money. It has nothing to do with educating students in a better environment and allowing their parents to do their job.  The credit of course would cut much needed funds from the public school system which is “failing?”

Sounds like Washington.

Why would you continue to dump hard earned tax dollars into a system of anything that is broke? Oh. There goes Washington again.

And then there is the Honorable Circuit Judge Charles Price.  He extends his long arm of judicial power where it doesn’t belong.  He stops the bill from landing on the REPUBLICAN Governor’s desk so he can’t sign it.

Circuit Court Judge Charles Price

Circuit Court Judge Charles Price

This is a political free-fall of a judge that echoes the President.  I wonder if this judge has any children of his own. If the President can get away with misusing and squandering collected taxes why shouldn’t this guy? After all, he is a judge.

Why would we want to give those students a great education when we can throw more money into a pot of waning deterioration?
The students are no longer the priority.

Sounds like Washington again.