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Don’t Rain on my Parade


The prevalence today that God doesn’t care about people is simply a false thought or statement. He is near and very interested in every detail of our lives.

The closer one gets to know God, the more he involves us in his. As I wrote before he tells me when certain pieces of mail are about to arrive. He also reminds me of important issues that need attention.

This April will be my tenth wedding anniversary to my husband Mark. Much has happened during these years from his loss of a job he thought he would have for the rest of his life and the fact we had to move and completely start over.  We have already spent a lifetime of going through a great deal of heartache and pain but through it all, God has been one step ahead of us.

Rarely these days do I spend money on myself; and I am not saying that out of a martyred heart. There are much more important issues to use God’s money for.

When Mark and I got engaged 11 years ago, his dear father rushed to bring to me his first wife’s diamond ring. She passed away in 1999 so I never knew her.

He was so happy I was marrying his son he wanted me to have her ring.  Not sure if he wanted me to straighten Mark out but if he did I am still working on that one.

His approval humbled me as he is a very admired and respected retired Professor and Doctor of Music.

We took the ring and had the diamond redesigned into a new setting.  Inexpensively we added two small emeralds placed on each side of the diamond. It served me well.

For the last 2 years the thought kept running through my mind I wanted to change it; a tenth anniversary says we are supposed to do that! LOL! I continued to put if off but periodically the nudge to take it to a jeweler crept up on me but life was hectic so I ignored it. Or ignored the Holy Spirit.

It just so happens a member and Deacon of our church who we both know is a 15 year Graduate Jeweler Gemologist, JA Certified Senior Bench Jeweler and Accredited Quartz Watch Technician with the American Horological Institute. Tim Hipkins works for a prestigious Jeweler here in our town.

My upgraded ring

My upgraded ring

A few weeks ago, the nudge became almost a hit on my head. “Take the ring to Tim.”  OK!

Little did I know the setting was falling apart.  One of the emeralds was cracked in the middle, and the prongs holding the diamond were loose. As Tim gave me this news, I thanked God the diamond had never fallen out.  He told me he couldn’t believe I had had the ring for 10 years and it was still all in one piece.

Tim and I began discussing what could be done to upgrade. As he drew me a picture of what he envisioned, I was shocked. It was exactly as I had envisioned it myself.   Talk about knowing God had a plan, this was it.

Today, I have a beautiful ring fit for my small fingers custom designed by a pro.  Tim said this should last me for the next 25 years as long as I have him check it!

When God sheds his light on what he wants us to do, he provides all that is needed.  The matter of living within his will makes all the difference in our abundance or the lack thereof. We both know as hard as it was moving here, we are definitely in the center of his will.

The clarification is an inner peace; a “knowing” you are placed by God for his purposes.

Abraham knew what it felt like to have to leave his family, friends and a familiar lifestyle. God told him to go to a land he didn’t know existed; we did the same thing.

Genesis 12:1 “The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”

Sometimes life throws rocks on our parade. Other times you feel a great big push.

God is not sitting on his “Throne of Grace” eating chips and dip with an ice, cold Coca Cola in his hands.

He is the one throwing the rocks.coca cola

He is shoving us in the direction he wants us to go.

If you don’t have a “reigning ear” you better move out of the way.

He might hit someone else who is listening and bless them with what he planned to give to you.





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6 thoughts on “Don’t Rain on my Parade

  1. “…God is not sitting on his “Throne of Grace” eating chips and dip with an ice, cold Coca Cola in his hands…”

    Great visual. I love it.

  2. I came to visit your site after you visited my site.

    Wow, God works in such wonderful ways! I have been listening for God to tell me what to make my next web video on. At church today, the pastor gave a message about God being with us and that he is not a God sitting around in heaven thinking up ways to give us grief and tribulation. Yet, he is a God who is with us at all times, who desperately wants to help us and guide us through our lives according to his will for us.

    Before I even went to church I already had this message in my head. Along with a few others.

    While I was sitting in church I thought that this was the message God wants me to give.

    Then I read your first post. The message is the same. That God is with us to help us through our daily lives. That we are his children, we are forgiven and that we have access to his abundance. We must first abandon our worldly lives and follow Christ daily.

    This is a confirmation from God! Amen

    God Bless You!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

    • Gordon, thank you for such encouraging words! I am not sure which post you read of mine, but God does work behind the scenes, in front of the scenes and all around. If there is one thing I have learned concerning blogging here on wp are there are many in this community embarking on God’s mission in writing. We are a family here of support for each other which has been a blessing to me.

      We have our ideas of what God is doing, or who he is and usually he is not at all what we think. For sure the secular world has diminished his capacity of being an all-knowing God to one who creates evil which we both know he is incapable of doing. I am convinced God invented technology such as this to get his word spread quickly; and to uplift his armed soldiers weary from the battles to keep fighting. Blessings to you friend.

  3. Amen! I get upset with myself if I ignore an idea or nudge — It always turns out to be GOD! Then I’m remorseful because I did not follow the instructions which would have made life more blessed! Beautiful ring! I’m glad you listened!
    God Bless you, Cathy!

  4. I LOVE jewelery and ….I love your updated ring. It’s a good thing you had it updated. It’s the worst feeling in losing a stone. I have…very upsetting. I suggest getting it insured. My daughter lost her ring 1 years ago and but she had it insured so she got a new and better one that same week. Do you have an appraisal? Anyway…Have a blessed day! Oh congrat’s on your soon coming anniversary…..10 years whoo hoo!

    • Tanya, thanks so much! God was watching out for this ring. I feel so blessed to have it and that it was protected. I rarely take it off so I never dreamed anything was wrong with it. God is interested in everything about us!

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