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The 2nd Day



A wise person once told me, “When a person(s) start losing that which is important to them, they become mean.”

America has become a mean nation.

50 some years ago we kicked God out of our schools which began a “ripple” effect to public venues and wherever the atheists/agnostics pursue a removal of anything Christian.

The list of losses from jobs, to homes and vacations to raising taxes, mandating affordable health care that isn’t affordable is grieving our pocketbooks. Don’t get me started on “the pain at the pump.”

Wickedness has spread like wildfire into wasteful spending, abortion, gay rights and a generation of uneducated youth. Crime and violence is rampant setting the stage for a fight for the 2nd Amendment.

Take away a person’s right to bear arms in their own defense is like telling the cat to stop chasing that mouse.  Take away the hole in the wall the mouse is used to running into and he has no defense from a furry, predatory feline.

The cat will instinctively chase the mouse who will instinctively run and hide. You could stand there all day long fussing and fuming at the cat for chasing the mouse and it would do no good. The cat will just think you are stupid.

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty what we think we are losing is not the center of our personalities fuming.

It is the plight of our hearts; the mood and position we have established within us.

Our greed is destroying us. Keeping up with the Kardashians isn’t sensible much less important.

The outer skin is revealing how deep the cuts are.

I had a conversation with someone who works directly with customers. A common thread are those who approach them with an attitude of hate, critical mindedness and frustration. Unfortunately, this worker gets the brunt of their ravaged plunder. Taking out their prejudicial trash on an hourly worker is cowardly at best. Knowing this worker had nothing to do with this defiled wreck of a human, the animosity and antagonism was uncalled for and wrong.

This atmospheric condition looming over our nation is a disconnect from the Cross of Christ.

The cover of the April 8, 1966 edition of Time magazine asked the question “Is God Dead?

Many believed this as the Atheist movement began to take off. Our nation defaulted into ungodliness, immorality and all things unsacred.

As a result we laughed and mocked him as he wearily carried his cross up that hill.

The crown of thorns was pushed deeper into his skull while his friends cried “He is the King of the Jews.”

Others pounded more nails into his hands and feet instead of removing them.

The card players rolled the dice to win his soiled robe as he hung bleeding and bruised.

Crucifying him over and over we wonder why we are stuck on the 2nd day.

In between the 1st and 3rd day left us in the depths of the grave promoting death instead of life.

While the antics of evil captured the souls of America, he arose in glowing fashion spreading peace, love and joy.

Resurrecting the truth, he really was the “King of the Jews.”

He is very much alive, waiting for the world to acknowledge his presence.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the 3rd day.

Mark 16:6 And he said to them, “Do not be amazed; you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who has been crucified. He has risen; He is not here; behold, here is the place where they laid Him.”






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5 thoughts on “The 2nd Day

  1. excellent!!!! I do believe this is true, when we forget who we are we become ugly

  2. I actually believe we live in the best of times, one where we can make a difference by being “real” Christians.

  3. Amen! Our world needs Christ more than ever! We need to shine so others will want what we have! Great post, Cathy!
    God Bless you!

  4. There have been many instances lately when I have become stressed and disappointed with my country and many people around me as they try to shove their agenda into my life. This is when I have to remind myself… my time in THIS world is temporary. Praise Poppa God and His Son for that. Living firm in our faith, I believe, can influence those around us. Then pray hard for the ripple effect.

  5. I enjoyed this post – relevant and filled with hope that Jesus is victorious. He defeated sin, death and Satan on the cross!

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