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Navigating my way through Windows 8 has been fun. But, then after Vista who knew?

What a difference a day makes when you have a new toy. And once again “you don’t know what you have until you get it” applies here.

You get to throw “tiles” around, or throw them away. Tiles are the same as icons were on a regular Desktop which BTW is included here. It isn’t like you must donate your Desktop, lose it altogether or remove it from your life forever. Windows 8 decided many of us couldn’t part with it and it uses Windows 7. 2 for 1 deal. Some are attached to their “desktop” so Microsoft was empathetic enough to include it in Windows 8.

Icons were nice but “tiles” can be swiped up, down, and all around. Small or large you have your pick. If you don’t like a specific tile you can remove it all together. It’s not like everyone will need them all; we have our choices.

For instance, I will never use the “shredder” because you have to buy it. Uninstall comes with each tile. If they don’t fit the “interface” which is the new word for the front page, continue to swipe to the right and the list goes on and on of apps for “ebay” or “Britannica” or just about anything you want. Using the old encyclopedia seems ancient; it isn’t google. Many days were spent in the public library before google appeared on the scene and changed our lives completely.start-screen-windows-8_1920x1080_594-hd

The “kinks” are there; some still need adjusting but overall I am pleased with the performance. Maybe it is more that I don’t know how it all works yet but until I do I will blame the “kinks” on Windows 8. Or whoever designed it.

There are good reasons when mechanical or technological equipment fail. You get to buy a new one! And I must say that this one went through a lot before I got it. I found out the hard way Staples, the store and staples.com are two different companies…..but as God’s favor would have it, they cut the price for me due to their “sorry” customer service and an invasion of my privacy.

The good woman from staples.com began an inquiry into my personal life that backfired.

Yes, once again the attacks have risen to new heights. As our appliances, phones, TV’s and now laptops usually come with an array of problematic issues, God always works it out for my good.

As these repetitious attacks continue, I have learned to keep my cool, and play it out. It also tells me the enemy is running out of fuel.
And one more indulgence God graced me with this week is really funny.

Our Dish TV statement arrived only to reveal a $6.00 increase from last month’s bill. Reviewing the two there was no explanation for this rise in cost. So….I called.

Speaking with a girl from somewhere near Boston due to her accent, I made it clear I was not happy about this $6.00 increase. Her explanation was the programming were charging them more so they had to pass this extra charge to the customers.

“What?” I don’t think so.

Her solution: the next 10 months my bill would be $6.00 less.

Who says God doesn’t want us to prosper, even if it is one dollar at a time.

Philippians 4:19 “And my God shall supply all our needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”



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2 thoughts on “Navigating

  1. Cathy, I am not ‘puter savvy, but I too love new toys!! Still having fun? 🙂 How is it transferring all your info? Here is a new series I recently posted, and thought I’d drop it by…,


    Bless you,

    • Jenny, I love your colors…not sure if this made it to your blog; It wouldn’t let me publish a comment. Maybe it is me but I have never had one like yours to comment; it actually told me when I clicked on Word press and entered my user name it told me “I don’t own that.” Well, I do ! Yes, I am still enjoying this; so much to learn but will come with time.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

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