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At the end of the day we all must reconcile ourselves to the truth.

The previous post from Dr. Keith Ablow opened my eyes to the heart of the President. He is not alone in missing a core and vital foundation to life. Many join him in an endless, unsatisfying journey that lends itself to bitterness, affliction and a huge void.

What should have been a postmark of love and dependability as a child turns into a cold-hearted activity of revenge “searching for love in all the wrong places.”

In other words he has been deceived.george washington

Now, in the position he holds, the deception sits behind every podium and speech he makes.
In his mind he truly believes what he is preaching. Why?

He has no idea where else to look. Trust has become his enemy.

He is completely blinded due to a hard and broken heart and the inability to perceive he could be wrong. His award winning re-election (he thinks) gives him the approval to forge ahead with the anti-Biblical policies taught to him as a child. Only a minor portion of this country agreed with him; 90 million Americans didn’t vote which gave him the election.

What may be even more grieving is he believes his lies so much so he ignores anyone who tells him otherwise. Then, of course you have the millions who voted for him who stand in “awe” of his lies.

The State of the Union Address was blocked off my calendar. Clips, here and there reveal his speech was much of the same old rhetoric. His determination to rail in Congress for abusing his so-called “personal power” will be in for a lashing.  However, there are Democrats who may have agreed with him during his first term who may “fly the coup” this second term. They plan to stick around Washington long after he is gone. Pledging their allegiance to his “Highness” could backfire.

During a video of the President entering the House Chamber on Tuesday night he was performing the usual handshakes, smiles and gestures expected. As he walked down the aisle two women on the right were reaching out to touch or grab his hands.

Observing their faces it was apparent how much they admired this man. After engaging a moment of his time with these two the camera focused in on their responses.

You would have thought Jesus had entered the room. Composing themselves was not an option as they gushed and oozed pure idolatry. Lavishing flattery and adulation over him was enough to make you want to throw up.abe

He devoured the applause and tribute as his ego took another step up on his proverbial ladder of hero worship he built himself.

The sarcastic side of me finds it hard to believe any President would be President who thinks as he does or any other God-fearing American.

The devil loves a fence sitting Christian. One who claims to walk with the Lord, yet actions speak otherwise is fair game by his army of ugly friends.

2 Corinthians 11: 14 “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

The depth of antagonism, blame and hate filled audacity that comes when one is idolized lies in the pit of the “worship of evil.”  Stooping to this degradation as a nation lowers the level of protection, prosperity and success by God himself. He is incapable of wrong leaving the people uncovered and laid bare before the enemy.

The power the President hungered for has been given to him. Yet, the highest position in the free world will not do what he thought it would do. The void or emptiness will continue to deepen; the fear of being abandoned will remain. The dependability on the human government without God he has created will be the greatest disappointment of his life.

Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

So…..what will he have left to depend upon?

The people who voted for him? His liberal friends? A biased media who praised him into being re-elected?

The very people he believed he could finally trust will be the first to flee.

And the only one left beside him is the one who was there to begin with.





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