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Fearless Stability verses Empathetic Harmony


How does one acquire fearless stability?

Some people are just born with rocks in their head. Over time the rocks flow through their bloodstream lining the rest of their organs creating a force to reckon with.

An inner depth of dogmatism and resolve is a result of a personality trait automatically -built in. The sequence of productivity lends itself to their goals or purpose; and standing in their way is not a good idea.

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

This admirable quality has its down sides. Harboring tenacity and fortitude can be a pre-requisite to becoming a workaholic or a perfectionist if not kept under control. However, their presence under certain circumstances commands a certain adherence and backbone. One may benefit from their unleashing courage especially in a heated or potential volatile event.

The tenacious and unyielding vigor of one who possesses such an attribute are feverishly active, at times overbearing and busy. Slowing down is not in their vocabulary. Accomplishment is a noted effort by attacking head on lists of things to do in a day. They make it their business to get things done.

Many are not born with this natural instinct to be headstrong and determined but quite the opposite. This trait goes against their internal clocks of inborn characteristics such as empathy, the gift of mercy and harmony.

A daily to-do-list is not their agenda. Rather the motive for life in general is to offer emotional and spiritual help in the form of words; comfort and a lifeline of care.

Laid back and quiet, many are fine with a good book. Accomplishment is not an active duty as much as a fulfillment of offering peace and joy to others. Not necessarily hands-on but are happy to bake a cake or a casserole for a grieving family or a new neighbor.

The empathetic soul is one who thrives on uplifting conversation along with consoling the downtrodden or backslidden. Forget killing a spider; they will go out of their way to somehow get it outside as their sympathetic heart sees a purpose in its life.

Living in harmony is viewed as a goal in itself; keeping the peace is a job even if it doesn’t work. Contentment can be a detriment if given into laziness, but used as an example for good for those who do not know how to be content.

Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

The merciful are often labeled as lax or undemanding by the strong willed to the point of weakness at times. This can be misconstrued with a God-given gentleness and graciousness unknown to the discontent.

While both parties are needed in this world, God would prefer a balance of the two.

So, why didn’t he create us balanced?

My answer is the learning process requires his presence, guidance and direction. Much would be lost or never understood without it.

Isaiah 55:8 “”For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.”

This “meeting of the minds” is a God-given design. While he preserves the good qualities, he carefully and clearly shows us his way of changing or removing aspects of our traits that require his attention. Examples of these 2 opposites together can be an added dimension of study.

A fundamental component is a willing heart that is teachable. Pride doesn’t belong near this classroom and must be thrown out before one can become a student.

The end result are disciple’s in-training combining wisdom, knowledge and understanding of whom and what God intends them to be.

The faith journey of God’s intellect alters the fearlessly stable and empathetically harmonious to become fearlessly empathetic and harmoniously stable.

In other words, new creatures in Christ.





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4 thoughts on “Fearless Stability verses Empathetic Harmony

  1. I’ve known people on both sides of the spectrum. I’ve also seen people somewhere inbetween. You are so right, the poeple that seems to accomplish the most for God’s glory are the ones found in between. The ones at both ends are used by God, but not tho their fullest extent and at times can actually be harmful to the cause of Christ.

    By God’s grace, my prayer is that He might help each one of us to recognize where we are at on this “scale” as ask Him to strength our weak spots and give us wisdom to know how to exercise our strengths in the best possible way for His glory.

    Lord bless. Thank you for this posting and for the entire blog. There are many times it gets us thinking about different aspects of our service that are at times, ignored or misused. This is one example of that type of posting. Well done, my friend.

  2. By nature, I’m very determined, but by grace, I can wait and wait. I’m one of those guys God rearranged over a long period of time.

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