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Growing Up is like the “Handwriting on the Wall”

When is a good time to grow up?mad

Ugh…..18? 21? 30? 70?

Kids/teenagers rush to grow up; can’t wait for this and that.

All of a sudden around the age of 25 reality alters the desire to act like an adult; except you are an adult according to age. The clock ticks forward, not backwards.

Some may be slower to gravitate towards this fate; some never get there. After all, growing up is hard to do.

Responsibilities take over the carefree, fickle lifestyle, or it should. For many that day never arrives. One may choose to ignore the accountability that comes along with growing up; only it leaves you behind in a fast paced world of getting ahead.

But…don’t we need good examples of growing up?

Shouldn’t those in positions of authority set a precedence of maturity?

You would think so. That is not the case. Not in America today.

How can we expect our young people to mature when the leaders of our nation act like a bunch of bumbling idiots?  The arrogance and insolence presented from the top down in our principal authorities has become the norm.

The slaps on the wrists made by controlling figureheads is like a teacher punishing 7 year old “Johnny-boy” for pulling “Polly’s” hair in class. They are children; not adults; they are supposed to act like children because they are.

Yet we have elected officials who deem themselves above the law, makers of all things legal and disagreeing with them is punishable by hanging.

When or who declared them God? That’s just it; they aren’t. No one has the jurisdiction of God’s order. Implementing such a false decree is subject to…. remember King Belshazzar?

Mene, Mene, Tekel and Parsin..” (Daniel 5)

Watching grown men and women fuss, feud, argue and slander each other is not only embarrassing but a sad example of what we have become. The pettiness and triviality being placed on issues such as keeping within a budget, not wasting money or borrowing beyond our means without paying it back is ungodly and not Biblical.

Psalm 37: 21 “The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously.”

It is time to grow up.

It is time to establish moral principles and ethics back into our afflicted and deranged culture.

It is time to show our youth who God created America to be in the first place.

It is time to read the “Handwriting on the Wall” lest we become Belshazzar’s descendants.




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