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The Charlatan’s Slap

The other day I started laughing when I read this verse:

John 9: 34 “To this they replied, “You were steeped in sin at birth; how dare you lecture us!” And they threw him out.”

Did the Pharisees have any idea how silly that sounded?law

What’d the blind baby do….steal food from his mother’s umbilical cord?

Or try to kick his way out long before her due date?

Think about it. I know we are born into sin, but the minute we are born?

Babies are fairly limited in their sin at birth; a scream here, a cry there.

These men were supposed to be the high and mighty, the educated and all around know-it-alls.

Maybe they heard the child lectured them as he climbed out and he went blind as a result of his harsh babbling.

If I had heard those ignorant words streaming from the beaks of the most accomplished and cultivated fly traps, I would find someone else to listen to.

After having a good giggle, my literate and scholarly brain thought, “The words and offense spewing from their jaws is representative of today’s so-called cultured idiots.”

Repeat performance of Biblical truths. These are unfortunately sad and in need of a quick attitude adjustment.

At least during the days when Jesus walked on earth, technology was made of a quill pen and parchment paper. There were no laptops, iphones, ipads, or email to spread the nurtured garble of the legalistic authority that reigned during that era.school

In many ways, the people were blessed not to have access to the abhorrent news or slandering politics. If gossip was dispersed, word of mouth was the compass.

It goes to show, no matter how knowledgeable or schooled a person is it won’t matter if you don’t know Jesus.

So, in a sick sort of way, people for the most part haven’t changed in almost 2000 years.

And many have announced, “The Bible isn’t relevant in today’s society?”

Yeah right. You brood of vipers!

Woe to you modern day Pharisees. (Luke 11:37-54)



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