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Front Porch Wars


Animals are and always have been a large part of my life. Cats and dogs were our pets over the years and I have loved every one of them as if they were my children.

The Standoff

The Standoff

However, there are times when the almighty David and his slingshot rise up in me in full force.

I don’t care who you are, what you are or your position in life, when you start messing with my cat there will be “hell” to pay.

The stray, Mr. Black Cat has decided to impose his youth and muscle upon my aged, Calico.

Usually I am welcoming to strays; our Maxi was feral.

Looking out my front door window, Mr. Black Cat had parked himself on our front door step. Yawning, he appeared ready to nap. That was fine, until my Maxi strolls up on the sidewalk and the two lock eyes.

She is smaller than Mr. Black Cat, so I continued to peer out the window to see what might happen between these two.

Maxi took a slight turn away from the step where he was lounging. She moved slowly and cautiously about 5 feet away and laid in the pine straw.

All seemed peaceful so I began to walk away to do whatever it is I do all day until I heard this loud, mean sounding wail…….I know my Maxi’s wail and this was not it.

Returning to my post, Mr. Black Cat had moved over closer to her flexing his tout body all puffed up as if to say,

This is my step now. Let’s see you get past me, Big Girl.”

Maxi sat up, her eyes turned black as anger set in. Hissing, her claws appeared as he continued wailing and attempted his assault.

About that time I banged my fist on the door. Both, shocked at the noise froze and looked at the window where I was peering at him. Opening the door he took off like a coward as Maxi watched me chasing this violent intruder out of her yard.Maxicat (2)

Making sure he was long gone, I came back calling her name. She cried a little and walked over to me. Picking her up her little body was shaking so I brought her in. After a treat she seemed calmer and headed for my bed where she sleeps.

Mr. Black Cat found out our front porch step is not his and he is not welcome here.

This young and egotistical “Tomcat” is pretty cool and tough until the mad woman of the house gets in his face. If there are bullies’ for cats, he fit the character. Heavier than Maxi, youthful and harnessing an intimidating and insolent personality he taunts those as an ignorant Philistine picking on the little guy.

In Maxi’s younger days, her fighting spirit was apparent. Her first year of life in the wild taught her how to fend for herself. She is older now, not as fast or willing to rumble with the neighborhood jerk, so I stepped in and fought for her.

Deuteronomy 28: 7 “The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.”

Isn’t this just like God?

When we trust him, he steps in on our behalf to fight for us.

As we speak his word, he covers us with a conquering spirit.

And who knows, maybe he guards our front porches with more than a mad woman chasing a rogue boar cat.

Does anyone know who that golden, armored giant is in my front yard? You know the one with a very, large, shiny, sharp sword? He also has huge wings. Last I heard, his name was Michael.large angel




5 thoughts on “Front Porch Wars

  1. Ah, if only we had a video of you chasing Mr. Black Cat out of the yard, if only.

  2. My former cat (now with my brother) is about 13 years old, but still feisty. He recently fought my dog and won.

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