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Crossing my mind were words written by a fellow blogger, “The Atheist Pastor.” Realizing God uses other people to get our attention, speak to us or confirm our mindset happens quite often for me.bitter

Don’t take that I am singling myself out for the “Dove Award for Prominent Thinkers.” If anything, it is representative of my empty skull. At least I left it somewhere else and have moved on.

Pastor Parks wrote:

“I once tried a Very Dangerous Experiment (which I do not recommend!) where I stopped praying for as long as possible, just to see what would happen.  By the end of Week One, I was getting snappy and bitter and resentful.  By Week Two, I was an angry broken wreck.  I knew I would crash if I didn’t pause to pray. Unfortunately, this isn’t just an experiment for most people: this is their entire lives.  Even secular psychologists will tell you that not pausing to meditate will kill you.”

Talk about getting struck with a dagger.

Never testing myself as he did on purpose, there have been a few days here or there where sitting down with God didn’t occur. For whatever good reasons I may have had, they weren’t good enough.

As he discovered, so did I that my internal clock of need for prayer, God’s word or simply venting began tearing at my soul.

A cry of desperation has evolved into the best part of my day; the point of where my life begins and ends. There is no in-between or dissolution of faith here. More than the vegetables, fruits and chocolate chip cookies I pour into my physical body is this need for spiritual cultivation boosting energy centered on Jesus. This is not a habit or a liberating gesture for religion.

The instruments of trial and error, replicas or copycats, there is no substitution for the cross of Christ. Ingesting the world without it will breed void, emptiness, loss, and “broken wrecks” as Pastor Parks spelled out.mcauley

Hollow gaps must be filled. Load them with waste, wickedness and improprieties or all that is the love of Jesus; we make the choice.

A burning question is how did we become so arrogant at birth? Did we arrive from the womb with the genius of Albert Einstein or was Mother Teresa on hand to pull us out? How nice that would have been. Unfortunately I don’t remember either one present on that cold winter day as I decided to join the land of the living.

Learning the ropes of truth began that moment we first breathe. However, the entitlement license immediately sets in as we scream our aboriginal cry for whatever.

When and who decided we were unleashed into society without God? I would like to slap them upside the head.

Years of unknown arrogance, self-sufficiency and a know-it-all attitude left me with myself.  And God thinks that is funny as he let me wander off the “yellow brick road” of his guidance and direction into my own veracity. The trouble with that is I had no idea what I was doing.

We think we know better than God.

Somewhere God grabbed me out of “OZ” and landed me on his feet. You know the ones bleeding and nailed to the cross.

Hit by a brick of his mercy and grace, he opened his sphere of wisdom to me through his word. How he got me to that point of realizing the Bible was not just a book on the coffee table, is a miracle in itself. The “wreck” I made of myself drove me to the one place I knew had the answers.

A conversation recently reminded of the days when I wondered myself what was so special about the Bible.

“It’s boring” was the response. “It does nothing for me.”

Then why is it still around? Why have more Bible’s been sold than any other book in history? Duh….maybe there is more to it than a nice, leather cover with your name inscribed on the front?

The only way to find out what is in it is to open it. Read it. Study it. Pray over it, daily. Not just once or twice, but every day. Why? It holds the treasures to all wisdom and knowledge which is Jesus Christ. Colossians 2:3

When we desire to get to know someone what do we do? Kick them out, make fun of them or spend time with them? If you’re smart you will talk, communicate and learn what makes them tick.

It is the same with the Bible, and/or Jesus.option

Get serious with God. Once you start, you will be drawn to his presence like a magnet. Sitting the Bible on the coffee table won’t be so easy anymore. And maybe that cranky, irritable tone of bitterness and resentment will be replaced with love, joy and the peace that passes all understanding.
Philippians 4.





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6 thoughts on “Aboriginal Cries

  1. We are supposed to be disciples or disciplined ones, which includes praying and studying.

  2. “Years of unknown arrogance, self-sufficiency and a know-it-all attitude left me with myself.”

    That hit me like a kick to the solar plexus! Oh that God would continue in his grace to save us from ourselves.

    Awesome post!

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