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Crutching People Pleasers


Have you ever needed a crutch? You know, like the ones I have in my closet? I keep them around for such uses as a possible sprained ankle, or a broken foot or to push the boxes off the top shelf. Yes, it is a handy tool instead of walking all the way to get a stool which still isn’t sufficient for me to reach the loftiest rack.

The almighty crutch has been around for centuries. Maybe not the one with the rubber head that attaches under your arm to aid in walking but pedestals of power.

Yes, we have succumbed to leaning.

Leaning on this, leaning on that until the instrument of strength falls apart and we are left standing alone wondering why it fell over.

“These crutches were supposed to last longer than a few years!”

Oh, grow up.

Remember the first crutch you held on to so tightly you never dreamed of it crumbling? Fear grips you like being thrown overboard without a life jacket and the sharks are hungry.

America is standing on the hull of that ship. Enamored with a false sense of security believing any government can keep the ship moving is like knowing a village somewhere is missing their idiot.

Whatever we can conjure up to save us we search. Other people, money, fame, atheism, religion or identical brains to Einstein; it makes no difference. Einstein couldn’t brush his own hair, much less act as a pedestal of intellect.

Albert Einstein

As the “crutchers” claim fame to those who appear to offer the world, the power hungry flesh eating sharks devour everything from identity to controlling your bank account.

Ultimately, the crutch fastens itself to your security, mental aptitude and emotional dressing leaving you hopeless and helpless. Of course that is the goal.

So which is worse? Or does it matter?

Neither is good; neither is healthy. And yes it does matter.

The “crutchers” or those who need a crutch will eventually hit bottom. The pedestal may disintegrate over time but leave the “crutchers” nowhere to go but up.

The “crutch” feeds on the attention, authority and fueled ego of a false belief of self-worth.

The “crutch” deceitfully savors the podium’s skilled platform for a season; until all hell breaks loose and their empire begins a modern day Babylon. (Daniel 5) Unlike the “leaners” the “crutch” has nowhere to go but down.

Accountability will rear its ugly head because the elevator goes both ways.

Issues of time occur with both, and the depth of the “Babylonian Fall” may influence one’s decision.  The Belshazzar’s may drink from a much deeper cup than the child who praises the reign of a parent.

No matter which division you hail from, a meeting of the minds is necessary.

Given the ideology, the enemy has made this a “poster child” of survival. We in our negligence pick a team he has dreamed up, falling for one or the other with the final lap resulting in the same death. He could care less which team we choose as long as it isn’t God’s.

Evaluating the teams as to who reaps the harvest of God sooner or later is a feat not yet finalized. And if you are a Belshazzar who reveres and coddles your golden crutch too much, you might want to read Daniel 5. The party is always over before it starts.

As for the one who is always leaning, get up, dust yourself off, throw your doormat out and start over.

The moral here is balance.

What we permit will often continue unless we ask God to deliver us from this evil.

If you need a crutch, lean on God.

If you are the crutch, use them for firewood and pray for God to transform you.

In either case, the cross can be seen from both viewpoints.



14 thoughts on “Crutching People Pleasers

  1. Einstein couldn’t brush his own hair? I know this is serious, but loved your little funny….cracked me up. And I need a little humor right now. 🙂

  2. my crutch is smoking. I hate it but not powerful enough to stop yet

  3. Excellent writing as always. God bless you.

  4. Great visual concept here.

  5. I walked on crutches my senior year in college after a knee operation and even went on a field trip with them. Where? To the Indiana sand dunes.

  6. You make me laugh!! Everything is so true…but, I especially cahawed over the Einstein one! That is so true!! LOL! Great blog!!!

    • Juliana, thanks! someone else said she knew this was serious stuff but burst into laughter about Einstein….I have always wondered about his hair. My husband said they didn’t have hair dressers for men in his day…..you would think someone would have told the guy to get a perm or something!

      • ROFL!!!! They had barbers! Seems like his hair being that way would be more distracting than just cutting it off and slicking it back! You have made me double over again!! 🙂

      • Juliana, that is it exactly. The man was extraordinary. But, for me every time I see his picture I am immediately taken away from his intellect to his head of scraggly hair!

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