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The Fiscal Cliff of Idolatry


“The ‘cliff’ is nothing more than an arbitrary deadline that will be replaced by another arbitrary deadline in the future.”

The following link reveals we are headed for a fiscal cliff?


While many are standing in line for unemployment benefits, they are turning down part time work. Why?

Why work when they can get free money? Or not free money, but yours, mine and those who work….those who pay taxes. That’s right; just wait it out and get all you can before you actually find a job.

NO! Unfortunately this is the mindset of many Americans which is why the President was re-elected. Why not vote for a leader who freely gives hard earned dollars from working citizens to free-loaders?

The many videos and articles I have read about welfare, food stamps and unemployment benefits reveal numbers of citizens believe they deserve for others to pay for their “free-ride.”

In this video these two smart guys even supported that people who are able and collecting unemployment benefits should do something in return for those free hand-outs! Whoa! You mean like work?

Yes; like rebuilding roads, streets, bridges that are crumbling on our nation’s highways. The two arguably agree our infrastructure is in decline.

What about visiting nursing homes or hospitals to offer expertise in areas of need?

How about working with veterans or the disabled? Or better yet why not make use of the “moochers” by forcing them to locate other “moochers” or free loaders. Maybe it would be lessons learned and put a stop to this wasteful fraud.

And while the democrats pursue raising taxes why not cut out unnecessary government jobs? That should save wads.

Why not hire unemployed people to research every government program to eliminate unnecessary spending and slack employees. Why not rid the tax payers of useless programs altogether? Wow, what a novel idea.

Aaron Task and his buddy here voiced the fact no one is talking about payroll taxes going up? What? NO? The amount taken out each month of my husband’s salary is just plain wrong.

Hard work in=garbage out.

In other words his hard earned money is going to pay for that which we don’t believe in or “it’s the entitlements stupid.”

And of course the President is announcing how the Republicans are holding the middle and lower class hostage because they won’t sign his extension of the Bush-era tax breaks.

Why? He wants to tax the rich.
That is class warfare and it is not Biblical.

The President is the one holding America hostage. Has he created any jobs since his famous re-election? No. His Obamacare has certainly poised many companies to lay people off though! And his defense cuts just keep on coming.

The mentality of this administration if I didn’t know any better is to crumble America to its knees so government will rescue them! Sorry. They just want control and power.

By sinking the American ship, they believe we are ignorant enough to fall for their callous greed and look to them as our savior. At least that is what Jamie Foxx called the President.

Besides the financial “fiscal cliff” we are facing, statements like that place America in a far worse danger zone.

The Christians who voted for him made the difference in him being re-elected. What does that say about our country? He represents everything that God isn’t.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me……you think God has changed his mind about that?





8 thoughts on “The Fiscal Cliff of Idolatry

  1. So, politicians sometimes (oh no!) distort the facts.

  2. Hi Cathy, I have tried to contact you but was advised your e-mail is not conected, I was able to access my Blog yesterday but have not been able to for some time on my Computers or any others including the one I used to do so but God gave me a gateway again, I will try with the same Computer today and visit your Blog if possiable, please write to me so I can explain futher, perhaps I may have to stop Blogging in America although I don’t think it is WordPress except for not being able to add the Likes but who ever is hacking my Computers is using their controles, equipment and platform or Microsofts, perhaps both.

    Christian Love Anne

  3. Wow Cathy I could add a Like, Sooooo good and look what happened my comment is above, I thought only you would see it, Hmmmmm we learn all the time, amazing I have another way to respond to everyones comments even though I can’t log on my Computer.

    I understand why you are concerned Cathy, as I have heard about your Welfare system on another Blog last year and do feel sad that you have this problem in America but as I shared then, it is much harder to free load in Australia because to receive a disability pension you have to have two Doctors confirmations of your disability based on extensive tests and they are repeated each year unless your cronic like me then it’s every 5 years but I do still go fortnightly for injections to lesson the pain and help with mobility and I have regular x-rays and blood tests. In case I haven’t told you Cathy, I’m not going to be Paraplegic now as I was told I would be when I was 40, God healed me about two months ago, He took the spreading Arthrictic condition I was born with from my Spine, so even though I still have other disabilities I will be able to walk to a limited degree always… How good is that! how wonderful and Loving is our Heavenly Father.

    I wanted so much to work Cathy, I can still use the Computer etc but no one would give me a job because I’m 60, so I offered to do volentray work with the aged, I have had a lot of experience with them but once again I was not wanted because of being a insurence risk.

    To be honest Cathy, I feel that we can’t put everyone in the same dishonest box, first we must walk in their shoes before we can judge if their condition is genuine, anyway do we ever really get away with being dishonest?

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Anne, you are so right and how wonderful for you! Keep that positive spirit up; it will be a real testimony for others.

      I worked outside of the home from age 15 until 7 years ago. I hated it! especially when I became a single mother plus going through menopause was horrible. I was exhausted and sick and couldn’t be the mother i wanted to be. To be honest and I almost see the trends changing; women who work outside of the home here in America for the most part have to. The few who make it big and I mean a few are rare. I have seen where even some of those when they reach the age of passing child bearing they quit.

      The feminist movement here began years ago and slapped all of us into their agenda whether we wanted it or not. It became the norm to say, ‘what do you do?” and stay at home moms have been treated terribly.

      This is my opinion: I do not believe God meant for women to work outside of the home unless he called them to do so. He is always speaking of being too busy and this morning on Fox and Friends they were discussing how women are angry all the time from being tired of trying to do everything. Men have taken a back seat to the feminist and one of the reasons marriage is down here is men are afraid of women now. It is down 21%.

      Anyway didn’t mean to ramble on, but if this helps you with the desire to work, I don’t think you missed anything. I am sure you would have been successful had someone given you the opportunity but God didn’t declare women to be superhuman!

      • Your spot on Cathy and it’s also Scriptual, I very much enjoy reading your messages, they say it like it is, no pretending everything is happy clappy with the world but always offering a godly focus too.

        I didn’t want to work to make money, although I do cook for a friend to add to the pension, I don’t earn a lot and I have to take breaks to rest but I enjoy cooking very much and thankfully God provides the rest that is needed and sometimes more when it’s needed too, like for our Blog and my Computer. My reason for working was I wanted to be with people, I’m very much a people person but I also wanted to help others and offering the Elderly a reason to Hope is so very important but what I did do instead was commit my Blogging to the Lord as a job and untill I had all these problems with hackers and those who slandered and back stabbed me etc I had much Joy in working up to eight hours a day blogging, with lunch breaks and shopping time off of course.

        The hackers are indeed breaking the Law which is something God forbids us to do unless the laws are in opersition to His guidlines but causing hurt and problems like I have been inflicted with, is very much against His Commandment or guidline to Love everyone even our enemies because Love does not do evil or cause suffering to others in anyway and those who claim God does this for whatever reason, have got it wrong , He is Love and Love does no evil.

        Christian Love – Anne.

  4. While it may seem that many enjoy a free ride in this country– times are tough! We’ve gone through several generations that have never really had struggle and now that things are tough, people have forgotten how to handle that.

    It’s important to remember that Jesus was the first social activist. He wanted to help the people faced with the most struggles– the poor, the sick, the tired and weary.

    It reminds me of this video I recently came across– it’s a cute little song about how Jesus and his followers actually Occupy Jerusalem.

    Anyways, here it is: http://youtu.be/a6akkb_afqs

    • I totally agree with helping people; in fact I do it all the time. God wants the church to do this; not the government. The government needs to stop spending money and balance a budget. The USPS is a prime example of how the government is run!

      Also, I am too keenly aware of how many people are ripping off the welfare system. I witness this every day where I live. These are the people who can work and don’t and therefore are actually taking from the ones who need it the most.

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