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Figure it out Please!


Ok. This is a rant. If you don’t like rants you don’t have to read this.

Christians need to get with the program. You can’t have it both ways or every other way or whenever it suits you.

You are in or out; on the fence or in the yard; inside the gates or knocking on the door.

Do you read the Bible? Do you believe it in its entirety or do you pick through it choosing only the parts you want to?

Do you agree and support abortion? The Bible doesn’t. Ex.20:13 Thou shall not murder

Do you agree and support homosexuality? The Bible doesn’t. Lev. 18:22

Do you agree and support Israel? The Bible does. (Psalm 102: 16-22)

Do you agree and support a strong military and defense? The Bible does. Genesis 14

Do you agree and support helping the poor, impoverished, disabled, widowed and orphans? The Bible does. It does not support those who can and won’t work or those who take welfare funds of any kind when they are sluggards. Ex. 20: 15 Thou shall not steal. 2 Thessalonians 3”10 “if you don’t work you don’t eat.”

Do you believe in religious freedom? The Bible does. (Judges 2:16-23)

Do you believe our present tax system is Biblical? It isn’t. (Numbers 27:8-11)

Do you believe in “Spreading the Wealth?” The Bible doesn’t. (Exod 30:13-15)

Do you believe in the death tax? The Bible doesn’t. (Prov 13:22)

The list goes on and on. And you may say that it is all in how it is interpreted, but our interpretations don’t matter just as our opinions don’t. It is what God says that matters. No ifs. Ands. Or Buts.

We can twist his words, turn them around, switch them or throw them out.

There are reasons why they are written as they are and who are we to question God?

Unfortunately in today’s world many, especially Christians have decided to “weed” out of the Bible what they want and don’t want. Depending on their present mood, or situation can be the determining factors to “opt out” of the “do not steal” the ketchup bottle from the local diner to “I paid for it anyway.” No you didn’t.

What if God decided to change his mind about his word? What if he chose to do part of what he says and not the other parts? I would have a problem with that. I would have to re-think whether I wanted to believe in God or not. Duh……

How do you think he feels when his own people are you shall have no other gods before me?”  

Oh, we can cross it out if we want to idolize a Hollywood star or break the golden rule.  But then we don’t want to cross out the part that says, “For he commands his angels to protect us wherever we go.”

Sure, go ahead. We want protection from terrorist’s attacks, crime and violence but we also have our Buddha sitting on the hearth to adore and praise for his….what does he do?

“Oh, my Buddha? He is just a dust collector. Isn’t he cute?”  Get it out of the house.

Whether you have the golden nugget collector or an obsession with Dexter, how do you think God feels when you place anything above him?

“Oh, God understands. He loves me anyway.”

Wake up. He may still love you, but since you have such an obsession with Dexter, he may just let Dexter show up at your house.

You say, “how terrible!”

I say. “Why should God protect America when we have kicked him out?”

God has stepped out of our selfish ways and allowed us to grovel in our own mess. He is a gentleman and will not force us to love him, pay attention to him or even acknowledge him.

Christians: we have got to find a way to understand God has his own plans and he doesn’t need our approval for any of them. We need to unify as his children and follow his rules and stop making up our own.

In other words, live, eat, breathe and spread his truth. Not parts of it.

And we need to do it together.


2 thoughts on “Figure it out Please!

  1. excellent, just excellent!!

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