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Who is of Noble Character?


While Israel is being attacked our President enjoys his post election win and a trip to south Asia.  Our greatest ally ever is in need of support and the first President in history not only threw them under the bus, he left them there.


God’s land and people are in the middle of hate and annihilation. Defending themselves against the corruption of Middle East radicals who have determined over and over to rid the world of Israel; only they won’t succeed.

The fallout of General David Patraeus has hit hard against the rest of our military. His red scarlet reputation is now being posed as a replica for the thousands of service personnel who lie in his wake. He is the one scarred not those who serve with him.

The contempt I have read and heard of our military should have nothing to do with his affair. How many of you scrutinizing his personal life have any right to judge? Sure, he has betrayed us and I am not defending his sin but from my standpoint of living in an Air Force based community, the fallout belongs only to him.

The so-called “Peace” lovers of the world, who wear their noble cause on their sleeves, are doing more harm than good. Your attempt to rid the world of war or imagine it doesn’t exist is a fairy tale. Those who frame their lives around power and money will fight to the bitter end as long as someone else is doing the fighting.

For you who promote our military as an exhibition of disloyalty, GET OVER IT.

You are hurting the very people who have risked their lives for your safety and freedoms.

Unless you see it firsthand as I do, don’t place our military personnel in the same category as David Petraeus. Sure there are those who ride around showing off their accomplishments leading the life of a star, but not most of them. The following article by Peggy Noonan who claims her conservativeness has all but slammed the military’s character and credit by
establishing our uniformed patriots follow the General. Wrong.


Anyone who speaks of their self-admiration as a forefront for their jobs had better stay away from Shaw Air Force base. Also, those who disagree with war and have labeled military personnel as “betraying” their “peaceful negotiations” should be hung out to dry.

I will repeat myself for the 100th time.

God hates war. I hate war. God loves every military man and woman.

We live in a fallen world that unfortunately is filled with war.

Just because you don’t want to be sick doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Just because you disagree with drinking and driving doesn’t mean idiots won’t continue doing so. Just because General Patraeus got caught having an affair doesn’t mean the rest of the military is stupid enough to follow in his shoes. Just because you “Jane Fonda peace pacifists” don’t believe in war doesn’t mean the Middle East isn’t continuing their efforts to blow up Israel or anyone who supports them.

Instead of portraying our service people as “war mongers” why don’t you visit one of the many military bases in this country and ask them what they think first.  Why don’t you restrain your verbal castigations to yourself until you witness it firsthand?

Moving here in 2007, my husband and I found ourselves to be in the minority compared to the thousands of military who live here. The AF base is a city within itself, until you go to Wal-mart and every other customer is wearing AF or Army uniforms.

Some of our neighbors who were or had been deployed many times were often caught off guard when I thanked them for their service. The basic conversations revealed their fear and apprehension of answering due to the negative allegations thrown at them from the “peace movement.” They feel Americans have disavowed their livelihood as a drain on our society and a treachery of duty.

We should be ashamed for deepening the cuts and wounds already made in the sides of those who fight for us every day. The real betrayal is not in the reputation of a General who got caught, but the American “peacemakers” who have no idea how to obtain real peace in the first place but chastise those who are trying.

God made it clear throughout the Bible we are to have a strong defense….why is that? Because God knows there will be wars and rumors of war throughout history?

In case you haven’t noticed, my fierce preservation and guardianship for our military is not to be threatened. It is one thing to talk about our men and women in uniform: it is another to live it, observe it and attest to the authenticity of personal war stories.

For you “peaceniks” no one hates war more than the warrior. At least they have the guts to try and change what they hate for the greater good.

Your “gallant protests and lofty objectives” do nothing but disqualify you from everything they stand for.





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4 thoughts on “Who is of Noble Character?

  1. One of the names for our Lord is Man of War…enough said.

  2. Amen and Amen! I agree wholeheartedly!
    God Bless You!

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