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Jumping on the band wagon of the President’s arrogant demand to lay off of Susan Rice and her ideal performance has finally hit the wrong democrat.

Kirsten Powers, a Fox News Consultant and Democratic Strategist really didn’t like the President playing “Robin Hood rescuing Lady Marion.”

Her article posted in the link below slams the President for his “sexist defense” of the UN Ambassador for her appearances following the Libya attacks on TV shows to exploit a radical movie as the culprit.

Evidently Kirsten Powers is concerned about the fallout now over the President’s “chauvinistic” leadership where his women employees have to deal with the heat of the press and certain Republicans on the hill.  But, she also wants like the rest of us conservatives to know what really happened…..yes. She is a strong liberal democrat demanding the truth of what happened to 4 men killed for no reason in Libya.

I have watched her for several years on Fox News and found her to be outspoken but well liked by the Fox team. She has a sense of humor and is not afraid to speak when it goes against the grain of the left. Maybe her new found Christianity has had something to do with her evolvement to the truth.

Her bio speaks of how she grew up Episcopalian but ventured into atheism. Later in life she now calls herself an Orthodox Christian; prefers herself to be an Evangelical but says it comes with too much baggage.  I must admit she has a point with that one. Automatically it is given a “bad rap” due to the heresy factors which may or may not be true, but depends on how the receiver views it.

She married Dr. Marty Makary, Professor of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in 2010. He may have had something to do with her progression into Christianity. He is of Coptic Egyptian origin.

Besides Kirsten’s opinionated rant towards the President’s gallant heroics is her fierce accusations as to why Rice was doing the presenting in the first place instead of Hillary Clinton. This novel call to have a Democrat such as Kirsten point out the same facts the Republicans are that Susan Rice “knew nothing about Benghazi” is a formidable argument. Oh, what is the phrase? Backtracking?

For a liberal pundit, such as Kirsten to backslide into a Republican corner on such an important issue is commendable. The seriousness of this attack has been downplayed by the Obama Administration as if it never occurred. There are families waiting for answers.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Kirsten has come out swinging for answers. Like many of us in the dark on this unnecessary evil, we too want the truth. She boldly announced her displeasure with the President’s handling of Benghazi and her feminist layers of contention screams the nod for Sec. of State should not be Susan Rice.

My heart took a leap as I read her column. Her viewpoint of the “feminist strategist” she claims has lent itself to refer to the President as having a “conceited argument” over his helpless, lowly Ambassador.

In other words there are times we women may need the strong arm of a man, and there are times we don’t. This time was one of the “don’t” times.

When I first saw the video of the President lashing out in protection of Susan Rice, the disgust of his arrogance once again took precedence. It was as if he was a parent yelling at his adult children to behave. If we don’t do as he tells us to, there will be consequences to disobeying his direct orders. Who does he think he is?

Kirsten Powers should be admired for putting aside her liberal approach in searching for the truth of this criminal activity.

She also deserves a cupcake for her brilliant and forthright stance expressing she will never need the President to use his “Gladiator” resilience to rescue her from the “big bad wolf.”






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7 thoughts on “Wonders Never Cease

  1. Very well-written article. I, too, was appalled at our President’s fierce display of protectionism over Rice but fails to show any emotion over the murder of 4 brave American men. Obama admitted that Rice’s instructions to tell the American public the attack was due to a video came from him. He is the White House. And if the UN Ambassador didn’t have any thing to do with Benghazi, why in the name of Pete is she speaking for the WH? If I had to guess, I think Obama sent Stevens to Benghazi to get rid of him. I think it was planned and that’s why he did nothing. I hope Patraeus tells the truth today about what really happened. We need ONE honest man in the group. He’ll have a lot to explain, though, about why he changed his story from the attack being a terrorist attack to being an attack based on a video. The whole scenario disgusts me.

    • Thanks. Why do you think the President sent the Ambassador to be killed? Have I missed something? He appears to ignore that which is important or that he wants nothing to do with. But he can only run so long before he really gets caught.

      • *Speculation only.* I suspect that Obama is running guns to Turkey and Syria, similar to the Fast and Furious project that got swept under the rug. I think Ambassador Stevens may have known too much and was sent to Benghazi on 9/11, of all days, to meet with the Turkish Ambassador re the guns. The Turkish Ambassador left, no harm to him. Only when Stevens is ‘alone’, does the attack commence. It is too coincidental to me that Stevens would go to the most dangerous spot in the world on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It would make sense, also, why Woods and the others were given a stand-down order. The only person that was supposed to sustain an ‘accident’ was Stevens. Anyone who has followed Obama’s trail has seen where people who could hurt him or his career were conveniently found dead. Remember, these are only my suspicions and I have nothing but gut feeling to back me up. Sometimes, that’s all a person needs. I just can’t think why on God’s green earth Stevens HAD to go to Benghazi on 9/11 unless there was something afoot.

      • Interesting perspective. I find myself praying for the President and praying that I am wrong about certain things. He is not very good at hiding his true feeling about certain issues not to mention when he is lying.

      • ok. Please read this link if you haven’t already. You are on to something. Before you do let me say I read a prophecy before the election that the next President was not going to be Obama. I have wondered since then what that meant. Tell me what you think.


      • First, I don’t believe any mortal’s ‘prophesies’. When God and Jesus speak, we’ll know it. There will be no doubt. Like I said before, I have no proof, only gut instinct. I agree with both Greta and her guest. I believe Stevens was set up. I believe Obama wanted it to look like a mob reaction to a youtube video. I believe this was a coordinated attack by Obama and his Muslim gun runner friends. The man is on the wrong side and we elected him for another 4 years. He needs to go. I’d rather take my chances with Biden than keep O in office. He needs to be impeached and tried for treason in my humble opinion.

  2. very good writing and you have let some good points be said

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