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A View from the South


The election is over and we somehow have to move forward. But how? How do states like the one I live in, already impoverished and poor, get a grip on a positive future with the legislation prescribed by the President in his first term? The following are a few of the direct implications of his policies and the devastation it would have on the State of South Carolina.

SC Palmetto Tree

Looming presently is a “fiscal cliff” monetarily. The President has already made claims to tax hikes on the rich and will accept nothing less prescribing that is the only way to bring down the deficit. Raising taxes on any group is not the answer and is “class warfare.” This is not Biblical.

The way to bring down the debt is to reform programs of waste and fraud; and eliminate those that produce nothing.

Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”

Affordable Health Care:  The one my doctor and the huge clinic detest.  Thank goodness I live in a state with a wise woman for a Governor. The following are a few facts:

Expand Medicaid to insure 30 million people (provide subsidies for low income)
Create exchanges for private insurers
End pre-existing conditions with private companies
Reduce soaring cost of Medicaire
Cost to taxpayers is 938 Billion dollars over 10 years
Mandate for every American to be forced to have health insurance

26 states have challenged the law claiming its unconstitutionality especially the mandate which the Supreme Court changed and named a tax. The fact 26 states have filed suit is an obvious and overwhelming opinion it is not wanted and unaffordable.


South Carolina is one of the states opting out of the mandated Medicaid expansion. Presently SC has 1 in 4 people receiving entitlements and cannot afford to add additional entitlements eating up the state’s budget and reducing funds for other needs such as education and transportation.

The following links at the end of the article cite companies that have already or are planning to implement layoffs just since the election Tuesday night since healthcare passed. The list is expected to grow. As you will note liberals are already planning to boycott certain restaurants such as Papa John’s Pizza for layoffs.

As one who believes totally in charitable giving and does so, I find this entire policy an unreasonable demand on our constitutional rights as Americans. The goal of helping the poor and impoverished will diminish as states opt out of the Medicaid expansion; if the money ain’t there, you can’t spend it.  As a result or a penalty the federal government will withhold funds to the state we were use to receiving.

South Carolina is ranked #7 on the list of the worst states economically.

September of 2012, South Carolina had a 9.1 unemployment rate with around 200,000 people without jobs.

In reality, the government will force our state to lower funds given for welfare programs and promote more poverty than it already has due to Obamacare.

Defense: South Carolina is home to 9 military bases including Fort Jackson in Columbia; the Army’s largest entry training facility in the U.S. Total number of military personnel and defense activities is 73,691. This number does not include family members who may be working and children.

The President in his first term cut many military jobs and closed or either combined bases forcing others to be laid off.  More looming defense cuts would render this state a higher unemployment rate not to mention less income for taxes. Of course there is no amount of money that can replace the emotional and mental stress already on our troops. Cutting more defense would directly affect the people the government says it wants to help and many wonderful military personnel would be without jobs.

Education: South Carolina has 1218 public schools, 28 public colleges/universities, and 31 private colleges. Student performance rates SC last in the country but 11 in accountability and teacher support and the overall score was a B or an 80. Improvement in all areas of education here is needed especially with the poverty rate at 17%.  Funding for educations has been cut and additional monies simply aren’t available.

Tourism: SC is blessed to have a coastline full of tourism and vacationers. A 15 Billion dollar a year income was the base figure needed to fill the state’s expectations for revenue. The “fallout of 2008-2010” left our shores with empty homes, foreclosures and a major loss of income from a lack of vacationers. From the perspective of one who has loved and visited the beaches of SC my whole life, I was heartbroken when I saw the business that closed, and empty beaches. To make matters worse a fire destroyed virtually acres and acres of land and homes in North Myrtle beach. Streets were lined with houses for sale and foreclosures by the hundreds. It was devastating.

South Carolina has my heart. I love the land, the wildlife, the hundreds of churches that grace our lives with the love of God. I love the people who are some of the friendliest in the world.

The thought that our government wants to strip this already poor and impoverished state of what it doesn’t have is criminal.  As we struggle to keep what we have, we don’t need anyone coming in here and forcing job losses and strangling our already destitute and meager lives for the sake of “spreading the wealth.” In the end is a ripple affect of loss and defeats the whole purpose of having government run healthcare. Those who really need it still won’t get it because South Carolina can’t afford it.

It is ungodly and wrong and the very reason we should put our trust in the God who loves us and never any government.

Forget demanding any more money from us. South Carolina is already broke.

Salute from the Shore to our Veterans






6 thoughts on “A View from the South

  1. TRUTH: we should put our trust in the God who loves us and never any government. Thanks for sharing and may God bless America…

  2. I worry about people like me and Al who are on medicare and what is going to happen. I love what you wrote, and hope that the world sees us all as equals and not discriminating rich among the poor

    • Terry, I hear your concern but the truth is the President is making it all worse for the people like you and Al who really need it. The scammers and frauds out there are taking what should be to help those disabled and who can’t work. It needs to be overhauled.

      What is so ridiculous is the government wanting to penalize states who opt out of medicaire because they can’t afford it to begin with! The people who voted for this don’t realize that if the funds are not there to begin with, the poor, and impoverished who do need it will become more so. This is what I was so against with the President to begin with; he has fooled people into believing he really wants to help them. Well, if he is serious he needs to do it differently and drop Obamacare and start over. This ain’t working.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

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