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Amorous Warmth


Lately it has been colder so our cat tends to stay inside more. Her feral characteristics love being outdoors, but her 10 years reveals the temperature in the house is much more appealing.

A grown cat requires their body to be 102 degrees for normal, healthy function. This explains why felines enjoy lying in the sun.

As the days cool, cats will find spots to accommodate the need for keeping their bodies at the 102 degree level.

Our “Maxicat” is conditional on all levels. She willingly acknowledges the spoiled attention, all you can eat buffets and the unconditional love we give her. Her aging has kept her much closer to home as she revels in the delights of giving us her presence.

Cats learn how to get what they want. Maxi is a master at announcing her entrance into any room, screaming in front of the refrigerator for tuna or making it known she is ready to nap by her compulsion to meowwwwwwwwww……….

At night, she jumps on our bed, kneads the blue blanket and speaks of her intentions with highly regarded anticipation. I have learned to beat her to it; otherwise she leaves no room for me to sleep as she stretches her long arms and feet across my side of the bed. She and my husband tolerate each other; so she will not sleep next to him.

She makes every effort to get as close to me as possible; not to show her love for me, but to keep her little body warm. As she snuggles in practically underneath my side, I can hear her purr; a sound that could start a motor boat. Reaching and keeping her temperature normal is like sleeping with a heating pad.

You may be wondering why I am writing about our “toasty kitty” on one of the most important days in the history of America.

Election Day has arrived and Maxi’s thermal fur reminds me of God’s amorous love for his people and our nation.

He founded America on the bases of the Declaration of Independence. Our rights stem from the Creator himself; they are not man-made. He has his army prepared to establish the “American Dream” once again through righteousness.

The road may not be easy as we reach for the cross because the devil is a roaring lion hunting for anyone he can devour. He has made appearances in many forms.  The darkness has attempted to shutter hearts, create dissension and end life as we know it.

As darkness goes, so does the light that never burns out. The glow among the thorns and bristles shines ever so brightly hoping to warm the cold, bitter mortals lost by a plagued spirit. A spellbound, lying phantom who led the demise of 6 million Jews known as the Holocaust. Unfortunately, this apparition still exists today successfully camouflaging the truth.

But…..God has a plan; the church must rise up to defeat the carnage and extinguish the annihilation of the spirit of hate. And, I believe his plan is already in place and will explode with a battalion of the word of God which is the “Sword of the Spirit.” The truth will prevail.

As our feline friends produce comforting warmth for their protection from the cold winter months ahead, so shall our God. Only his doesn’t include fur.






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2 thoughts on “Amorous Warmth

  1. As darkness goes, so does the light that never burns out. The glow among the thorns and bristles shines ever so brightly hoping to warm the cold…

    LOVE this line. Thanks.

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