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The Mardi Gras of Idiots

Recently God enlightened me with an answer for an issue I have been dealing with for 5 years. Now, I may be a little slow on the up-take, but perseverance pays off.

God shows us the answer; it is up to us to hear, see or understand it. The measure I find annoying is the solution to our needs is smack-dab right in front of our eyes, not to mention simple.

Aggravated with myself after begging, pleading and crying my case to Almighty God as if he was out doing his laundry and had his cell phone off.

God listens. Bending his ear after I have whimpered my tune repetitiously he reveals his infinite patience.

Awakened by this revelation, God revealed to me as I sat in church how the enemy had masqueraded the answer redundantly and uncultured.

More than his iconic wearisome cloak is why can’t I get it right from the start? How do I get past the usual cover-up and dissimulation he parades around in? You would think by now after years of one attack after another I would see through his masked costume.

It isn’t like he hadn’t attacked two other times in my life convening around the same obstacle. I refuse to be duped by his domino façade. He is an idiot.

The layer God peeled off of me was major; yet the resolution is a life changer. But, the truth is my own negligence to recognize the repeat performance of the evil one depicts he is running out of options. As I have spoken so eloquently to my readers, “when the enemy continues to attack us in the same areas over and over, it means he is low on ammunition.”

Oh, that I would listen to my own advice.

The aggression of the disguised intruder has hit me hard on many occasions. So, if I may share with you what I have learned from his onslaught of dirty deeds, it is my hope you will fare better when he decides to invade your life.

  1. Don’t panic or jump to conclusions. He will disguise them.
  2. Pray. Bring the issue to God. Ask him for guidance and direction.
  3. Read his word lining up the difficulty with scriptures that hold the answer.
  4. Remember/reflect on past attacks. How did it happen? Is there a connection to your present affliction/violation?
  5. Rebuke the devil. Speak to the problem and tell it to be removed. Luke 4, James 5:7
  6. Be open and alert to however God may unravel the result. God has answered prayers for me through people, magazines, movies, books, the internet, and enemies, and of course his word. Years ago after 18 months of a very annoying problem, God showed me what to do when another person handed me an article from a Redbook magazine. Also, you will have an absolute “knowing” coming from your spirit that it was from God.
  7.  Remember God loves variety. Don’t limit his resolution by thinking you know how he will reveal it. Sometimes it was the opposite of what I thought it would be.
  8. It may be a quick-fix or happen over time.
  9. Trust God completely. Ask others to pray for you, but speak the solution not the problem.

10. Situations/pain/or distress may get worse before it gets better. Hang in there. The deepest cuts expose the eye-opening announcements; even visions of your answer.

Most important; Ask God for a prayer language. It is the gate that opens to other spiritual levels of growth. The person praying will be edified, encouraged and comforted as the words flow from your spirit to God.

Spend time alone with God pointing out the verses that appeal to your specific issue reminding him of his promises.

Miracles happen in His Presence which means slow down, get quiet and be still and know that he is God. Psalm 46:10




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