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Sobering Storms

Lady Liberty before the storm

My thoughts today are sobering. It could have hit us. “Sandy” could have turned sooner and bombarded the south but she had her own plans.

As I view photos, live video’s of families removed from rain, flooded homes and observe the massive destruction, I thank God for his mercy.

However, that doesn’t let the rest of us off the hook. The storm is representative of all of us who live in America.

“Sandy” is an open alarm system; the culmination of other warnings we have already experienced.

What is it going to take to show American’s God is still on the throne?

Abaco, Bahamas

The level of anti-Jesus oration has brought to this nation one disaster after another. We have no one else to blame but ourselves.

However, a major turning point drawing us further into crisis mode was the announcement by the President accepting Gay marriage. No nation has survived under the legality of homosexuality. The “abomination” God calls it in Leviticus 18:22 still stands.

It is a choice just like drinking too much alcohol, smoking, or committing adultery. But, like certain other evils it leads to so much more evil. Anyone who submits to such a lifestyle is opening the door to reprobate.

In my blog posts I have been speaking of the 3 major issues God is judging America for right now. Besides, homosexuality is abortion and Israel.

Crisfield, MD

God hasn’t changed his mind. The Bible hasn’t been re-written to approve of gay marriage, or abortion. And God holds Israel so close to his heart he will never allow her to be taken away from him.  Why do you think Israel has survived generation after generation?

“Sandy” is one more effort the enemy has pounded on this soil. The list is long of the wickedness and destruction imposed by a lack of morality. We left God on the shelf, removed him as our authority as if to glean self-imposed entertainment which is now our idol.

Carolina beach

God didn’t take too well to the man-made graven images built by the Israelites while he and Moses had a long talk. Why should he treat us any different now? He has been replaced and he doesn’t like it.

Impatience breeds more impatience. If God doesn’t show up on our schedule, then why not find something or someone who will? Sorry, he won’t go for that.

If you haven’t woken up to the truth, WAKE UP!  Personally and this may be selfish, but I don’t want to have to suffer because the sins of idiots out there want to party and act like fools. We are not here to be entertained, join “occupy wall street” or change the constitution.

Kill Devils Hill, NC

We are here to serve God as disciples for the nations.

God has royally blessed this land. We are the envy of the world. We are also quite spoiled by the riches given to us. The riches God has bestowed upon us are to share with the poor, needy, and impoverished along with his message.

Yet, in our egocentric, self-indulgence we have misused, abused and taken for granted the wealth and generosity of God.

Folks, we have to get a grip on this. The “Sandy’s” of the world are not fun and games. And right now we need to pray she doesn’t have a brother.

Belington, W VA.

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