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In light of Hurricane Sandy we pray Heavenly Father for protection, safety and provisions for all in the path of this storm. We pray for aid to support those in need during and after the storm passes. We thank you Father for watching over our nation during this very important time in history. In Jesus name. Amen

I have a bad habit of thinkin that some of my thinkin is just me. You would think after so many years of thinkin it might be God I would get my thinkin straight!

How did you like that one?

When I first heard about “Sandy” the unwanted visitor ramming her way up the East coast, my “thinkin” was, “is this the October surprise I have been reading about?”

Of course, as usual I laughed at myself for “thinkin” such a ridiculous thought.

As the up-to-date mortal that I aim to be, watching the news/ weather lately has been foremost on my mind; partly due to where we live. Actually it is a “given” here living so close to the coast.

But….before the storm became the monster she is, I listened to a long prophecy given by John Paul Jackson.  This was like last Friday. I found his 2012 prophecies he gave in January of this year of all God has told him for the future.

Ironically or not, one of the main prophecies was hurricanes would be so huge they would form up to 500 miles in width. Ugh….”Sandy” was larger than that wasn’t she?

We have had high winds, it is again very cloudy and ominous. From Washington, DC to Columbia, SC is 483 miles. From Rhode Island to Columbia is 874 miles.

Then, as I was reading the “Reader” a dear friend blogger posted the latest from Joel Rosenberg.  Ah – ha! That was it!

The following is the link to Lyn Leahz blog;


Evidently God has shown numerous other prophets about this “October Surprise.” Not giving any indication of the surprise itself, my “thinkin cap” began to roll out different scenarios like:

Jesus is coming back?  No….there is more to be fulfilled

Not another terrorist attack

Party at Chucky Cheese


Super storm-hybrid winter storm-nor’easter?

Whoever thought up this combination of names should be a meteorologist, weather-girl, weather-guy, storm chaser, hurricane specialist, etc.

Now I am not one who believes in “coincidences.”  This storm is no coincidence. Actually and I know no one was here to hear me say this, but I thought out-loud if that is possible, “Is this really heading near Washington?” (Friday)

I first heard of an “October Surprise” many months ago. Maybe it is me, but I have always thought of a surprise as something like a present, cake, chocolate brownies; ok. Enough of that. A surprise to me is good? Fun? Happy day?

“Sandy” is not a happy day. Or fun. She has barreled her way through many homes, businesses, schools, churches and the livelihood of great Americans.

Now, before I read Joel Rosenberg’s blog on Lyn’s blog, I had already thought the same things he wrote like:

It means for the first time in 27 years Wall Street closed unplanned except for 9/11.

“Sandy” is a storm that has hasn’t happened in the lifetime of most of us.

The Weather Channel has seen most possible weather formations; but never one like this.

The off possibility a hurricane and a nor’easter running into each other? At the exact same day and time? A week before the most important Presidential election in history?

God has allowed “Sandy” to pay the East coast of America  ( the original 13 colonies) an undesirable appearance.

God allowed a hurricane of substantial strength at the end of October end up near Washington, D. C.

God allowed a nor’easter to come down from Canada and merge with “Sandy” and shut down the Federal Government.

Are you thinkin what I am thinkin?