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The Proverbial “I told you so” Moments

Mom: “He isn’t right for you. Even your friends have told you this.”

Daughter: “But mom, he really cares about me. I know he does.”

Mom: “A man who wants to control you does not care. You are a possession to him.”

Daughter: “Oh, mom he doesn’t mean it that way.”

Mom:” Yes, he does. You need to listen and break this off.”


Friend: “You are my best friend. I care about what happens to you. These so-called co-horts you have adopted are involved in questionable activity. Don’t you see this?”

Best Friend:” Oh, no they aren’t. It isn’t criminal. They are just goofing around.”

Friend:” No they are not. If you are with them when they get caught, you will get into trouble also.”

Best Friend: “You are always so cautious. Take a risk!”

Friend: “I am concerned you are going to really mess up here. Please stop hanging around them for you own good.”

Sound familiar?

How many of us are bombarded with others informing us of our wrongful path?

Let me count the ways…..

Mine are numerous. Unfortunately what we don’t consider when listening to constructive criticism are the consequences that follow “ignoring” the truth.

God speaks through other people. Friends, family members, acquaintances.

“But it isn’t what I wanted to hear.”

Of course not! We want to have our fun; believe we are correct.

We know what’s best for us. Not my relatives. Or friends. Or God.


“But what if I am right?”

Do you want to risk it? Is it worth the suffering if you are wrong?

And what about those around you? How will they be affected by your unyielding, cantankerous decisions?

Regard your choices as priorities.

Remember it is not all about you.

Your preferences influence the lives you cherish.

Our hearts may be reputable; but God wants obedience in how we pursue our goals.

If our goals are not his desires, then he will surely let you know it. I speak from the proverbial “I told you so” many times.

Finally I learned that no matter what the need is I take it to God and ask him to lead me to do his will.

The repercussions of avoiding his guidance simply aren’t worth it; not due to the pain of it all as much as he will always come through with the best for us.

Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.

We tend to believe God will take something away, not perform to the ability that we think we can or forget an important part of the need at hand. How arrogant is that?

The pride of it all lies within the goodness of the hearts motives. The idea that “I want to do this my way” is a Frank Sinatra bombshell. It doesn’t work.

Our methods are often tiresome, long and rocky; the battlefield is wide open for any and all of the enemies’ dozens to infiltrate and block your course.

Believe me, if you want to do it your way, God will let you. He always allowed me to crawl around on all 4’s, scraping and scrounging like a dog in the dirt after a bone ending up long after he had already arrived.

Lifting my head off the muddy mire I created for myself, his eyes glowed and his smile was almost a laugh as he would speak,” See, if you had done this as I told you to, your path would have been much shorter, neater and successful.”

The matter of pride is not one God will disregard. He churns it out of us little by little until the cross is above us.

He builds us a casket and fills it with our “prideful sin”  allowing us to shovel the dirt to cover it.

As his love envelopes us, he buries the casket below his cross and says, “Go now and sin no more.”





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