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Counterclaims to Anarchy

Ok. Something must be wrong.

All is well with the appliance industry here at home; or for the last week at least.

Nothing broke.

I was getting use to it.

That tempting thought comes and goes “you must be prepared.”

If I didn’t know better, there must have been an “appliance demon” hanging around.

The spiritual world has fought over less. Waging war is the enemy’s distraction; who knows he may have something to do with the breaking of our necessities.

Why wouldn’t he? He breaks everything else. Marriages, friendships, hearts, limbs, etc.

If God likes it, the devil hates it.

There is something to be said for our part in the demise of love, compassion and/or breaking a leg, but we do live in a fallen world.

Immunity to the evil one can begin to wear off as you get closer to God; not withstanding other attempts he may pursue. At least he gives you clues of his own ignorance or lack of innovational ideas.

The saying goes,

“If the devil continues to do a repeat performance in your life of misery, maybe he is running out of options.”

If he is attacking health issues, finances, relationships and appliances over and over, it is a sign he is unable to hit you elsewhere. Your faith has trumped his efforts.

Now, what appliance or technology do I have left that he hasn’t had his filthy claws after?

God has been given a bad rap for many of the ills/destruction/crisis we have endured. Automatically the questions arise,

“Why did God do this? Why did God allow this?”

The prince of darkness makes his rounds wreaking havoc any where he can. He waits on humans to sin, make a stupid decision or ignore God to crawl in through the door that is cracked open.

Within that crack lies the wrath of God. Our country is a good example.

If you kick God out, he will leave. And, he did.

The result is we pour heaping buckets full of indignation, anger and madness upon our own stubborn heads. Oh that we would wise up, and get it right the first time. It’s not like he hasn’t warned us repeatedly.

The other side of the hate and fury, God awaits with his loving arms open for us to come crawling back. Mercy maybe?

You know. That stuff we don’t deserve. That extended hand of redemption and care that only God can give?

God knew long ago we would need a way out of our own muddle. Even as the “wicked one” continues his last blaze of spoil and villainous atrocities, we are always given guidance for answers.  God’s counterclaim to his anarchy provides us with his ideas of how, what, where, when or who.

We are covered. Our job is to seek the cross, look to Jesus and pray. Unload on him the troubles we face; read his word consistently and repeatedly because our lives depend upon it.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

Our lives do depend upon Jesus.

And so do my appliances.