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The Dignity of Slashing Tires


One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.
Thomas Sowell

Actions often speak louder than words.

Congressman Paul Ryan tried to debate  VP Joe Biden Thursday night.

He did his best to be respectful and courteous.

His preparation and readiness shined through the arrogance of his debater.

Paul Ryan didn’t have to put on a show of comical narcissism; he was himself.

He exhibited his intelligence with facts and statistics when he wasn’t constantly interrupted 82 times.

He provided the necessary plans to reveal the Presidential future of our country; when he wasn’t constantly interrupted or laughed at for his answers.

He displayed honesty in his approach when he wasn’t interrupted or slammed with a pointed smirk.

He announced his intentions to bring our country back to the America it needs to be when he wasn’t interrupted by arrogant gestures.

The Congressman made the effort to bring unity to the American people when he wasn’t interrupted by inconsiderate grins.

Paul Ryan illustrated that manners matter when he wasn’t interrupted by his opponent.

He naturally communicated freshness in the political arena from a younger perspective when he wasn’t interrupted by an elder grandstander.

He restrained himself from the obvious belittlement thrown at him when he wasn’t interrupted by a supposed seasoned politician.

Congressman Ryan attempted to explain the need for a budget and spending restrictions when he wasn’t interrupted by outbursts of sarcasm.

The Congressman kept his cool during the uncultured demeanor of a man who constantly interrupted him showing off his white teeth like a Dental commercial.

Paul Ryan revealed his refinement and dignity when he wasn’t being interrupted by a crude, rough unsophisticated whiner.

And then there was the wanna-be-Moderator: Martha Raddatz. She should keep her day job. She lost control in the beginning as a Moderator. Maybe she planned it that way to allow a free-for-all from the Vice President.

Proverbs 21:24 “The proud and arrogant man–“Mocker” is his name; he behaves with overweening pride.

Children watching the so-called debate said,

“Mommy, look at that man. He is being rude.”

“Mommy, if I talk like he does that mean I am being rude too?”

Is that the example we want to set for our children and grandchildren?

After about an hour of Joe Biden’s smirks, silly grins, sickening laughter, and continual interruptions I turned it off.

It is one thing to be a public servant. It is another to use your position as a platform agenda to make someone else look bad in front of 52 million viewers. I would call that a coward. Or maybe he really has a problem that needs to be addressed.

As an American I was embarrassed. Joe Biden was embarrassing.

Commentators who praised his outbursts of sarcastic ridicule remarked,

“That’s Joe. That is just how he is. Everyone knows he has a loud mouth. You have to admit he was kinda funny.”

1st: Bombing an American Embassy killing our Ambassador and 3 other heroes is not funny.

2nd Why should we have to put up with him the way that he is? Why should I have to accept his childish, brash, blow-ups in the middle of someone else’s sentences?

Well, I don’t. He had no business acting as he did. He should have been kicked off the stage, reprimanded and apologized.

The truth is that finding him humorous, comical, and full of “himself” shot any part of substance he may have had.

Is this what we have stooped to people? Allowing a Public Servant to shove his belligerence down our throats time after time and we are supposed to accept it?

That is like writing a free ticket for everyone else to act like a fool.

For the record if you noticed: Congressman Ryan thanked the VP at the end of the debate. Joe Biden didn’t respond.

But then, why would he?

Why tarnish a fool’s idiotic reputation with a grateful response?





Copyright @ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Side Note: Dr. Keith Ablow, a Psychiatrist was asked what he thought of VP Joe Biden’s behavior Thursday night. He referenced it by describing him as showing signs of Dementia which he determined needs to be checked. If that is the case, it would excuse him and rightly so, but would also question his ability in is present job.

If that is not the case, as a Psychiatrist it was abnormal and he disregards the opinions of others completely. Either way he said he needs help.

11 thoughts on “The Dignity of Slashing Tires

  1. excellent, just plain excellent writing!!!!!!!!

  2. Do you think the polatickers(sp!) out there are merely playing “Spin the Bottle”? 🙂

  3. Politics stinks and always has.

  4. Glad I missed the debate — it would have irritated me. Thanks for the update, Cathy!
    God Bless You!

  5. Just wanted to let you know i’m thinking of you..love you lots.

  6. You are so funny! You tell the truth but with a smile! Thank you dear sister. God bless you in all of your work!

    • Thank you for your kind words! I believe God wants people to realize he created laughter! He is that staunch, mean guy sitting on a throne yelling at us! He loves us! blessings dear friend!

  7. I am now following your blog, Cathy. The only thing I’ve seen that disappoints the heck out of me is that I thought I was the biggest fan of Tom Sowell. You’ve burst my bubble. 🙂

    I admire strongly conservative & outspoken women, because you’re swimming against the tide and probably (perhaps) some peer pressure, depending upon who you hang out with.

    Regarding this article…identifying and then analyzing things that stand in stark juxtaposition is a very useful writing device, because it’s effective at making the reader stop and question his/her biases and hasty assumptions. I’ve used the same approach in identifying 43 philosophical clashing points between liberals and conservatives. It was such an effective device that I had to stop at only 43 to keep readers’ eyes from glazing over.

    About Biden…you used more words than me to describe that nauseating spectacle. I employed the RNC’s web ad video showing a montage of Biden’s antics, which ended with the question “Vice President Biden is laughing…are you?”

    In the days since you wrote this article, the polls have proven that Biden did not help his ticket.

    So it makes you scratch your head and wonder what the heck his motive was. Did he really think that kind of behavior would appeal to independents and undecideds?

    A couple days ago, it occurred to me that he might have had a more basic motive. With the poll numbers obviously slipping away from them after the first debate, maybe the Obama/Biden camp was worried that the enthusiasm to “get out and vote” was going to drop out of his base. Maybe they thought their base needed to see a cage wrestling match to get their primal juices flowing again.

    Just a thought.

    – Jeff

    • Dear Jeff, Thanks for you commentary! It is so nice to hear from others who agree instead of the jaw slapping I get. I am getting use to it, but the truth is the truth and that is what people miss. Sorry I burst your bubble about Thomas Sowell! Actually my dad sent me an email with a number of his quotes with his picture. I wish I knew him; after I learned about him found out he and most of my family are from the same city in NC….he was born there as was I. Maybe now I am even more biased towards him. I don’t know where he is now but he would be I assume in his 80’s.

      However the Biden debate went, I heard Dr. Keith Ablow, a Psychiatrist say when he first saw the actions of Biden, laughing, smirking, grinning, etc. he thought he was showing signs of dementia. I really think something is wrong with the man. Dr. Ablow explained no matter what Joe Biden needs help. I agree.

      As far as helping, he didn’t. Those who thought he was strong and funny, must not understand manners. He has none.

      I have become more outspoken since my relationship with Jesus has exploded. Kind of funny but I now have a boldness to speak out that I didn’t before. Also God has allowed the persecution to teach me i don’t have to worry or be concerned about what anyone else thinks. I have lost friends, relatives and enemies over my stance! But as long as I know I am doing the best I can with what God has taught me, I don’t let it bother me.

      In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love words. Finding synonyms is my thing; it adds color and flavor to my posts or at least that is what I have been told. As long as I don’t have to do any math, I am ok! And to think I avoided blogging!

      Look forward to your posts! God bless!

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