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Spineless Doormats and Vigilant Slingshots

In a way, my posts have been saying this without saying it but it’s time to get tougher.

Reading the following article from a Professor at Liberty University confirmed my belief that we Christians need to speak up. Not that I have anything in common at all with Donald Trump, you have to admit the guy has funny looking hair, but knows how to “Fire” people and make money. And..he hasn’t changed his funny looking hairstyle for anyone.


So bare with me now; the last person I ever thought would step foot on Liberty University’s campus is Donald Trump. But he did. And he spoke. At their convocation. Liberty U presently has an enrollment of 100,000 students. They must be doing something right.

Christians need to come out of the closet.

We are not meager, little creatures helplessly waiting to be found. We may have been lost, but not anymore. And we should announce it; we are not plastered to the wall or reading our Bibles in the basement where some would like for us to remain.

Jesus didn’t. 30 years he practiced his calling. Trained as a carpenter, he knew how to use a hammer and saw. Who knows; maybe he re-built the tables he turned over in the temple after he crashed the money changers big party. I wouldn’t call that meek.

In other words, get off of the doormat.

The Bible is full of raging battles, wild chase scenes and chariot races.

David may have used a slingshot, but he was far from being timid and shy. After all he did kill a bear besides a big mouth Philistine.

How could anyone call Paul spineless, or yielding? Beaten, starved, ship-wrecked, imprisoned, stoned, adrift at sea, cold, thirsty and in constant danger. Yet he was still full of faith. Weak-kneed doesn’t fit one who endures such constant calamity.

2 Corinthians 11:25 “Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked, I spent a night and a day in the open sea,”

Joshua took over after Moses died. Talk about a hard act to follow. God tells Joshua in his first chapter to be strong and very courageous. (Joshua 1: 7-9) How did he do that? Moses left him with a bunch of strong-willed, complainers. Joshua knew what he was getting into, yet he followed God’s will for him and succeeded. Joshua had learned from Moses how to step on top of the doormat instead of underneath it.

Following Christ is not easy which may explain our society today.

However, the alternative is worse. Life without Jesus is like blazing through a wildfire hoping you won’t get burned.

Changing the dialogue that Christians are subdued, unpretentious and lenient all the time is necessary in the world today.

Jesus was meek but firm, patient but emboldened.

He was unassuming but bold, humble but not intimidated by anyone.

Jesus was resigned but confident, orderly but also uninhibited.

If God is the author of our lives we should be enterprising in our faith and courageous in speaking it. Our actions should reflect the truth in love, but fearless in our approach.

For too long, the aggressive adversities to the allegiance and loyalty of God have used their platforms to shove us out of the way, pursued re-writing God’s word and attempted to build our caskets.

The time has arrived for Jesus followers to walk through the doors of dogmatism and unfairness. We need to step over an untrodden doormat of conviction and reliance on the Holy Spirit so deep that the evil eyes of misfortune and poison will fall on their knees in repentance.

The wisdom and knowledge of Almighty God is the key to unlock the doors of the headstrong, pigheaded hearts we face every day. We must be vigilant; determined in our communication and endeavors to appease those who deliberately renounce the God who created them.

As a new day is arriving in the Kingdom of God; Heaven’s gates are opening wide. The harvest is great, but the workers are few; and growing.

We are God’s infantry; his soldiers of fortune on this earth. He has been mobilizing his army for such a time as this.

I don’t know about you, but I have traded my doormat for a slingshot.