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Skeptics Well Laid Rational Points

They are everywhere. Skeptics are in your neighborhood, on facebook, in churches, schools and your families.

The definition of a skeptic is:

  1. A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.
  2. A person who doubts the truth of Christianity and other religions; an atheist or agnostic.

Why do we find it so hard to believe anything anymore?

Is it because we have been slapped around with lies?

Have we lost our trust in mankind?

If one person doubts the truth, should we all?

Researching “skeptics” there are those who find it to be one who gathers information to claim the validity of a question or reasoning for a critical thinking process that has nothing to do with doubt or unbelief. What?

Ok. Sure. You sound like a skeptic.

Both point in the same direction; process of elimination? A ruling we make to forge an alliance with one side or another to bring about a fight? NO. A belief system must take place one way or another to make an informative answer.

So….if you don’t agree with that critical thinking neighbor or your lying ex-husband, does that make you a “skeptic?”

How does one get around the idea you are not a skeptic if you disagree?

Some people are very good liars or are compulsive liars. Becoming skeptical of anything they say would lead you to believe nothing from their lying lips. You know: the neighbor who stands in front of you, face to face and lies through their teeth about the crocodile they saw stealing the bench from your yard.

Others can’t get away with lying. As hard as they try, they simply haven’t been able to master the craft. It has to do with the angle of the eyes, or the ability to “smile” while explaining to your Professor,

“No sir. I did not cheat on that test.”

Professor: “Then explain how your answers and the student sitting next to you are identical?”

So why are we skeptical?

Are we really looking for deep seeded answers to life’s most important questions or are we just curious?

Do we need a scientific explanation as to why men’s brains are actually 10% larger than a woman’s? Ok. I don’t like that question.

Do we really need to know why women are better communicators and have a higher degree of emotional intelligence than men? Well, yes, that might be good to know.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions. Seeking answers, observations or interpretations of the universe and the aliens therein are needed. Knowledge and wisdom are infinite; so there is always something to learn. But…. questions can become argumentative instead of informational when taken to an extreme.

Skeptics can often be viewed as negative, adverse or antagonistic. The doubting attitude has become prevalent in American society due to a lack of the truth or the desire to refuse the truth.

“Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.”
Joyce Meyer, Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone

Why do people refuse the truth? So they won’t have to answer to authority about their behavior. So they can do what they want, when they want with no one to answer to for their actions.

Skeptics can argue Jesus Christ never existed, or existed but wasn’t the Savior of the world, but that doesn’t’ change the truth.

The simplistic idea that our belief or non-belief of anything will change it is ludicrous.

Joyce Meyer says, “I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn’t make me a car.”

The only belief we need is in Jesus Christ. It is because of that belief everything else exists and has purpose.

Doubt discovers difficulties which it never solves; it creates hesitancy, despondency, despair. Its progress is the decay of comfort, the death of peace. “Believe!” is the word which speaks life into a man, but doubt nails down his coffin.”

Charles Spurgeon

P.S. In case you’re wondering why men’s brains are 10% larger than us women’s? Nope. They aren’t more intelligent; just larger in body and muscle mass. Thought you had us didn’t you guys!   From the http://www.brainfitnessforlife.com/




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