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We’re all the same….

This is the title of a blog post by a great blogger Kelly Levatino. The following is the link to her story you will enjoy reading. Her blog is titled “Calculating Grace.”


After reading her post I messaged her to ask if I could extend it from my point of view. As she replied back, “this subject is endless!” is so true.


Growing up with only one other girl in my neighborhood,
I was subjected and tortured to play with the boys.
We both loved sports but rejection came often.

“You’re just girls” they would say. Maybe so but they were
surprised to learn we knew where the outfield was and how to
hit the pitcher with a line drive to the stomach.

Girls were not allowed to wear pants to school until I was in the 9th grade. Talk about freedom!

Make-up didn’t hit my face much until around age 30.

Summers my second home was the neighborhood pool. If I wasn’t living in my swimsuit, it was jeans, and t-shirts. In my early teens, tennis clothes became my on the court style and a requirement at certain clubs.

College of course was cut off jeans and sleeveless tops. The heat was unbearable especially my Freshman year living in a 100 year old, 3 story dorm with no A/C in the deep south. This didn’t count the closet full of formals I had from weddings and pageants where I wore them one time. Good Will took them and made someone else happy.

Tennis shoes and sandals were my footwear for many years.
Eventually my ankles let me know sandals were no longer an option.

Carrying a purse is done out of necessity and 3 is my limit; 1 for each season.

Working in the public sector for so many years the dress requirement was professionally casual.
This endurance was great incentive to prioritize my life to complete comfort as much as possible otherwise.

Now, dressing up is a no-no. Kelly made the point she was wearing more dresses to church for her girls. She is setting a good example. The last time I had on a dress/skirt was at least 4-5 years ago and that was a mistake.

Fashion has never been a must for me. Vera Wang hasn’t made a dime off of me.


As for my much shorter hair, my Beautician told me “you have enough hair for 4 people.” The downside blessing of very thick hair is the length of time it takes to dry it. I guess I should be thankful I will never go bald.


The outward attributes we display can often outline our societal position but rarely fits the heart or soul we carry around.

The responsibility of our inner life is ours. Just as we shower, shave or wash our hair, our heart and soul need a fresh scent of God every day.

Our thinking processes require a great deal of Godly exposure. The rough edges of life take its’ toll on our lucidity and brainpower. Wounds gather in the “limbic system” of the brain which is the medical terminology for the resting place of emotions. These negative sentiments must be addressed for personal as well as social balance and being able to play with a full deck.

1 Timothy 2:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of fear; but of power, love and of a sound mind.”

Joyce Meyer’s book, “Battlefield of the Mind” is by far the most important book I have ever read outside of the Bible. And I have read many books over the course of my life. Her self-help teaching describes her journey of transforming her mind through Christ.

I would lend you my copy but I can’t part with it. It is one of the many daily referral services I use to keep myself sane. Plus it has so many yellow, green and orange highlights in it you probably couldn’t read it anyway.

Yes, we’re all the same….we all need Jesus.

Bonclarken Lake, Flat Rock, NC
Photo by Randy Harrison/http://www.pbase.com/jrandyh
One of my many swimming holes