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Christianity 0ut of the Box


Far-Fetched Blueprints

Labor done in peace is productive. How then can our
hurried society accomplish much of anything?

Action is everywhere but in the kingdom of God strength is found in the quiet, rest of God.
So how can we be strengthened while running marathons?


Impatience is the hostility of peace. Clear headed thinking is knocked off its pedestal, and replaced with mistakes.

Do you recall a time when Jesus rushed or hurried? As he approached the sisters of Mary and Martha whom he cherished after their beloved Lazarus had died he made it clear he made no effort to arrive before his death.

John 11:21 ““Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

Jesus knew Lazarus was dead, yet he waited 2 days before going to Judea where he was already buried in a deep grave.

We can look into the Middle East right now and understand the results of no peace, no rest or quiet with God. Fueled by hate, anger and religious piety, many storm the doors of innocence with desires to take into their own hands the vigilante motive of nations gone wild.

Jesus never fell for it. And neither should we.

Jesus could have spared Lazarus from dying by rushing to his deathbed, but he lingered with diligent composure.

They didn’t know what Jesus knew. They didn’t know what he would do, if anything. They didn’t understand his ways.

Yet, to many it would appear he used Lazarus as bait for the glory of God to be revealed. Maybe so, only he was far from the hook.

The conversation of how crazy and weird Christianity looks to unbelievers is noted. Just as Jesus was born to a virgin by the Holy Spirit is synonymous to me believing there is really a Rat Temple in India where rats are considered sacred.

When Jesus approached the sisters mourning the loss of Lazarus, the thought of yelling to a 4 day old dead body in a stinking, nasty tomb, “Lazarus, Come out,” is as far- fetched as rats reincarnated as human Indian royalty. It is too outrageous and unbelievable for our logical thinking brains to comprehend, process and accept. Jesus purposely delaying his travel to Judea is just as shocking and brazen, but he was in no hurry because he planned it that way all along. His point was to show the miracle was only a miracle when peace was paramount.

So it is with Jesus’ long-suffering in allowing us to fall before him after years of running in the opposite direction of his redemption.


As believers yearn and await his magnificent return, he is calm but persistent in  allowing sinners to find his cross.

The representation of Jesus waiting to raise Lazarus from the dead is an example of how he expects us to live. Obviously Jesus could have performed this miracle as easily while Lazarus was dying as he did after his demise.
He chose self-controlled restraint instead of agitated urgency to fulfill Mary and Martha’s request.


Isaiah 32:17” And this righteousness will bring peace. Yes, it will bring quietness and confidence forever.”

In other words he saw the big picture.

He was honoring the father with a display of glory never seen before.

He won more souls raising Lazarus from the dead than if he had healed him while alive.

Our plans are not in time but based on eternity.


Our futures are outlined in unseen blueprints.

Our swift expedition will not accelerate our arrival.

America is running a marathon of disobedience.