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Bloomberg’s Misery

According to Bloomberg network they have decided which states are the most miserable. The following is the ad written.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Our state is near the top of a list that is not very flattering.

According to the Bloomberg network, our state is the fourth most miserable state in the country.

They used “the misery index,” which is a method of measuring the level of happiness or sadness in a state. 

They came up with the list by using 13 data points including income, inequality, air pollution, and underemployment. 

Coming in at number one is Mississippi followed by Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas rounds out the top five.

Minnesota tops the least of least-miserable states, followed by New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont and Massachusetts.

So what does Bloomberg network know? Sounds to me they don’t like the south?

SC State Butterfly:Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Photo by Randy Harrison

They publish an article informing the world you don’t want to live here because you can’t breathe or we are all wallowing in our unhappiness?

Add to that is inequality. What does that mean? We are not equal to New Hampshire in quality?

Oh and of course we have no income here. We work for nothing.

How is that going to help our unemployment? Have they ever lived in one of these states? And who came up with the “index of misery” anyway?

SC State Bird: Carolina Wren
Photo by Randy Harrison

As you can read our Columbia station WLTX was none too happy about this. Just let our Governor Nikki Haley get a hold of this MISERABLE REPORT.
Oh and BTW the way Mr. Bloomberg, our Governor knows better than to dictate to the people of SC how to do anything.

As one who has lived in many states from Texas up the east coast to Ohio I can tell you this ain’t true. In fact living in the south is a privilege and a blessing. Take your misery monitor somewhere else.

For a country deep in financial debt and looming recession we don’t need articles publicizing certain states as miserable. Don’t they have anything better to do besides adding to our so-called agonizing, despondent existence? Instead of promoting us as pathetic and downtrodden why don’t they go fishing in their arctic, glacial, numbing waters?

The following are a few good reasons to live in South Carolina…..

Our waters are warm, crystal blue with 60 miles of beautiful, sandy beaches lining our coasts that are a vacationer’s paradise year round.
Tourism is a major employer.

Garden City, SC
Photo by Randy Harrison

You want a right-to-work state? Come to South Carolina.

There are 402,785 companies in South Carolina.

There are 1,231 schools with 718,113 students.

God is all over South Carolina. There are 11,685 churches.

South Carolina has the lowest gas prices in the country.

Insurance and taxes are lower here than most states.

In South Carolina we are all neighbors. The atmosphere is laid back, relaxed and not in a hurry.  We are a state rich in history and very patriotic.
You won’t find anyone in my neighborhood burning an American flag.  You’ll get burned if you do.

South Carolina is lined with large farms, Charleston Cuisine, and Spanish Moss. Cattle and horse ranches decorate the green fields along our highways.  Vegetable stands, antique stores and natural museums mark our pristine culture.

Misery or happiness is not based on data points statistically formed.  If it is, we are surely to be sad and despondent.

No, our joy is built in from the heart.  Gratification is noted by a friendly hello, a walk in the park or taking some good ole’ fried chicken to a hungry soul. Our charm and bliss in these states of grace are motivated by the love, care and compassion of those who walk the fields of authentic documentation.  There is nothing to compare to the conversations of many who have stories untold, ancestral plights and victories from decades past.

The south is a forerunner of faith, values and battles unknown as you drive by the houses with front porches full of rocking chairs that still have much to say.  And say it we will.

SC State Flower: Yellow Jessamine
Photo by Randy Harrison

South Carolina is God’s country.

South Carolina is where I live and I love it.

So, Mr. Bloomberg,  I want to thank you for not coming to South Carolina, ever.
We are very choosy about who we let in and you don’t fit the criteria of our happiness which is just plain “southern.”




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