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Football Players don’t Walk on Water


This may come as a shock to some of you but I am not a football fan.

Believe me I have tried to be. The sports junkie in me has never been able to adopt the hard knocks, driven tackles and obnoxious coaches.

The dangerous game of football has nothing on Russell Crowe. “The Gladiator” may have experienced concussions, broken bones and even death, but football is right behind it.  At least the pros make enough money to put their bodies back together once they turn 40 and can’t move.

Questionable behaving fans screaming from the sidelines like life depended on the next touchdown.

Cheerleaders throwing each other around, swinging pom-poms and shouting,

“Let’s go! Let’s Go!”(Go where?)

Besides the fact I live on the east side of two of the most competitive college teams in history is a threat to my intelligence. These seemingly two menageries have been fighting each other on the field for decades. Yes, that is what I said. Menageries as if the teams are on exhibition for exotic actions in the end zone.

Add to these two is our Pastor’s team and you have the Gamecock Tigers fighting the Florida Gators. He is hard pressed not to keep his team out of a sermon.

And if the battle isn’t bad enough on the field, the fans are tailgating, chicken eating, and beer drinking buddies who make “the game” a conversation piece run wild.

Not that I was ever a NC State or North Carolina fan somehow my allegiance is there only because it is my home state.

But betraying that non-allegiance is not something I can bring myself to do. I must admit the two NC teams are just as bad as the SC teams when it comes right down to their field of football dreams and loyalty.

The local TV stations are all about football. Not only is the coverage spread across the state from August to December, you read about it on billboards, in newspapers and observe the collegiate flags flying around neighborhoods.

Our society’s culture is a picture of sports. We live it. Breathe it. And love it. The national past time of sports is big business.

Football and the American obsession with it is an example of where our priorities are. It is one of many sports keeping our attention. It may not be sports; it could be any one of many diversions from life.

Whatever the compulsion or fascination we are swayed by such neurosis as an escape, stress reliever or entertainment beyond infatuation; we are simply making a King that cannot save us.

Life needs balance; and priorities should be in order of importance.

Especially during football season.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is an appointed time for everything.  And there is a time for every event under heaven.”




13 thoughts on “Football Players don’t Walk on Water

  1. Hi Cathy thanks for the pingback I will have to get Ron to respond to this Post, Footy and cricket are something he really enjoys and of course snooker and golf and so on.

    The story you pingbacked was very simular to what happened when we were members of a Church who were building, God is indeed Amazing.

    Thanks again, Christian Love – Anne.

  2. i don’t do any sports. i wish i did, cuz Al likes them, i have tried but i just can’t get into them

  3. why do i always have to fill in my email address when i reply on your blogs? i don’t anyone elses………any ideas?

    • terry, I dont know. where are you having to do that? did you click the “follow” tab on mine? btw my laptop is in the hospital and I am having to use my husbands. I feel lost trying to get use to this keyboard. IF I miss some things that is why. mine won’t be back until friday and so Mark and I are fighting over this one!

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

      • I will check when i go to your site next time, but i assume that i have clicked follow, because all of your blogs come to my emails……….are you also following me? just trying to figure this crazy thing out.

  4. I enjoy football. Whereas some people like hitting yellow balls over a net with racquets while wearing dainty white skirts and tops while grunting and yelling, “30 love.” Love? That’s not really love, is it? So, there. Football is better! Go Lousiville!

  5. I’m definitely not a football fan (and when I wear both purple and yellow by accident…yikes!), but you have a good point about where our priorities are. It doesn’t have to be sports–there are so many, not necessarily bad, things in life that distract us from what’s really important. Great post! 🙂

  6. Today was my first day back after an injury. Some of the young guys were talking about fantasy football when one of them turns to me and says, Oz, are you into football. My response, “what’s that?” and they left me out of the rest of the conversation. I just do not care.

  7. My husband’s friend puts it this way, “Sports (including football) is a lie.”

  8. I have zero knowledge of sports (except martial arts, which is in a crazy category all its own). Football is where they kick a home run with the puck over the net using mallets am I right?

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