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A Smooth Pit of Fresh Dirt


Misinterpretations, degradations of influence and lack of knowledge comfort those who want to silence others. Why? As I have so many times blogged about; the truth.

The truth offends, hurts, and convicts.

The truth will not be silenced. God won’t let it and neither will I.

Yep: That is what it comes down to. For years I evaded the truth.

Granted, when one believes “they know it all” for better or worse the stench grows.

This post is an extension of the re-blogged post I made from J. S. Parks, the Atheist Pastor yesterday. If you haven’t read it, please do. I yelled at him through cyber space for writing what I had intended; but as usual his eloquent humility can’t be beat.


The saying goes, “If you aren’t going to do it right, don’t do it.”

The label fits many alternative speeches, but in the realm of Christ, it is one step easier to fall away. Too many times that adventure happened, only to find myself on the verge of digging just one more pit. To be honest, I don’t want any more pits.

I have fallen into the pits of depression, anxiety, panic, selfishness, greed, illness, depravity; etc. etc. etc. Oh you get the idea. Some were dug with my own shovel, others by the darts and swords of Satan, but climbing out was done every time by the hand of Jesus who reached down and gave me a big “yank” out of the mud and mire.

The pits are now covered over with fresh dirt; not that I have mastered the ability to avoid tripping and falling head first into any one of them. However, over the last 2 years I tried to dig myself another pit but was stopped before I even retrieved my trusty, little shovel from the storage.

The pit of persecution has hit me head on. But by the steady, grace and mercy of God he prevented it from pushing me over the edge. Years of offenses, and heartaches stopped short of understanding God was my defense.

Had God not revealed to me through resources of fellow Christian authors, bloggers and Biblical ventures of David, Moses and shall we say the likes of Joseph, my Pit of Persecution would be dug, clean and ready to inhabit. The padded dirt would have become my home of homes to wallow and make my life’s reclusion. Oh, it would have been so easy.

The difference? God taught me ahead of time what to expect. Reading Mark 10:29 over and over for some reason I couldn’t figure out why. We tend to leave out the sentences we wish to ignore like “and with them, persecutions.” That wasn’t going to happen to me. Why would it? What do I know about God?

Persecution happens to people who stand up wholeheartedly for God.

Persecution happens to people who are willing to lose everything for God.

Persecution happens to people who speak the truth and the Holy Spirit convicts those who hear it.
Oh, my. No wonder some people are angry.

They think it is me offending them when all I am trying to do is repeat what God has taught me.
And if you really think about it, I had to learn all this stuff myself
before I could speak it!!!! Do you think that has been easy?

Do you really think I have enjoyed God using me as a glob of slimy clay, molding, scraping and making me dizzy while he churns me around his mold?  And to think he isn’t even close to throwing me into the fire? Oh to be Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Thick skin begins to grow or either it starts peeling off. If you are going to truly follow Jesus, you acquire a thick skin or get run over.  J.S. Parks relented how easy it is to want to give up when you have a fruit tree minus the fruit.

So what keeps us from giving up? What is the point in losing everything from your dignity to friends and for many, even family?

The Heart of God.  The truth of God. The Cross of Christ.

Unexplainable as it is, it is what it is.

A culmination of every quality and characteristic of Christ in his purest and perfect form as the “Center of the Universe.”

Yes. It is all about him; the Masterpiece of Humanity.

So for all that is written from this pen and paper is worth whatever loss, hits or battle scars that have or will invade this territory. From stinging whips that sliced my back to death staring me in the face, there is nothing left for me to lose, humanly speaking.

As God carefully immersed my scars in his healing hands,my heart began to heal as well.
Years of searching for“the meaning of life”
is now the truth God has taught me to share.

The “Pit of Persecution” is now a smooth, pile of dirt. The preventive measures I learned from God have taught me to stand on top of that pile of dirt instead of allowing it to be thrown on top of me. God’s love has come full circle because even I am shocked that I now understand how and why Jesus said, “Father, for give them; for they know not what they do.”





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6 thoughts on “A Smooth Pit of Fresh Dirt

  1. Hi Cathy, I hit the like button because it is very True, if we are not doing anything wrong the Truth can’t hurt us or offend us but if we reject it then we will continue being deceived and we will be hurt and hurt God and others .

    We remember it was not God who put Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fire it was fleshy man with their own agenda, God prevented them from being hurt and Jesus even walked with them in it. Is it strange that Jesus was mentioned in the Old Testament , it was not the first time or the last.

    Daniel 3: 25 He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.

    Unless we are Born again of God’s seed and perfected in Love which is shown by Holiness and righteousness, then we will continue to sin. Do we warn others when they do sin, we will if we Love them in The Lord, so will our warning or rebuking always be appreciated, No as you said Cathy, we will be persecuted, ignored, rejected, deleted and blocked.

    1 John 3:9 No one who is Born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been Born of God.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

  2. we are to be mocked at and stoned, just as Jesus was…..

  3. Good stuff. Now, I’m going to bench-press a Buick.

  4. Your cartoons are always great and so appropriate to your comments.

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