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A Mouth Full of Gravel Won’t Pay the Bills


I am all for helping people who need it.

I repeat: I am all for helping people who need it.


A joy trip to the grocery store  yesterday proved to be an eye opener.

Once I picked up my few necessities, I headed for the one cash register line open.

In front of me was a very pregnant woman, with a young boy in the cart playing on his Nintendo.
She had divided her food up into two different categories. One had 8 gallons of milk and about 5 loaves of bread; the other was toiletries, snacks, and cleaning supplies.

She pulled out two checks; one for food stamps and the other for WIC.

10 minutes into the cashier processing this one customer’s order, another register came open. Of course the line behind me ran.

The one bag guy was bagging her groceries as fast as he could. After 15 minutes the cashier finished with this one customer.

Proverbs 10:4 “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.”

As I placed my food on the counter, the bag guy said to the cashier,

“I ain’t votin’ for Obama this time. I’m working 3 jobs and I get no food stamps or welfare money. I know that pregnant woman and she doesn’t need it either but somehow they give it to her. I’m votin’ for Mitt Romney.”

My political ears perked up and I asked him,

“Did you vote for Obama in 2008?”

He replied, “Yes, but not again. Why should I have to work 3 jobs to pay my bills so I can pay taxes for that pregnant woman to have another baby and get free food? My mama needs assistance but they won’t give it to her.”

I said to him,

“I was really hoping President Obama would do a good job.”

He said, “Well, he didn’t.  He wants this country to be a welfare state. I ain’t working so I can pay for other people to free load.”

The next line he gave me was the kicker. He whispered in my ear,

“Did you know people around here are selling their food stamps?”

Shocked I replied, “No! Are you serious?”

“Yes ma’am. They sell them for more money and go get more. I have been to the county welfare department telling them I see this every day. Something is wrong with the system and they aren’t listening and neither is the President.”

I asked him,

“Did you notice the Nintendo her son was playing with?” He shook his head in defiance.

He continued to tell me he was that store’s bag boy, stock person, maintenance man and cleaning service. He also brought the carts in. He told me they won’t hire enough people so they work the ones they do have to death.

The store manager called him to stock some shelves. He told her about me waiting in line for 15 minutes.

Proverbs 12:11 “He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.”

The Manager approached me and began a conversation.

Manager, “I am so sorry you had to wait so long. The cashier should have called for help.”

Me, “The cashier didn’t have time to call for help. She was too busy with that one customer. By the time the office noticed the line behind me I had been waiting for at least 15 minutes.”

She apologized again.

Me,” Why can’t the store have one checkout line for customers on welfare/food stamps and another register for people like me who are paying out of my pocket for my food?”

Manager,” Believe me. I have told Corporate about this, but they say it would be discriminating against the people on welfare.”


Me,” And they aren’t discriminating against me or anyone else who is paying for their food and waiting in line for 15 minutes to do so?”

Manager, “I know. But since you have brought this up to me, I will relate to them your complaint.”

The bag guy gave me a “thumbs up” as he overheard our conversation.

As I headed out the door, I told the cashier I was trying to get her some extra help. She smiled a big smile and yelled, “thank you!”

Proverbs 20:17 “Food gained by fraud tastes sweet to a man, but he ends up with a mouth full of gravel.”

The pendulum is swinging the wrong way.

The “Nanny State” is out of control.

We, the American tax payers are being ripped off by our own government.

This is not the America, God created.

This is not the America I remember as a child.

3 jobs a day to survive is not the America Mr. Bag Guy voted for, 4 years ago.







17 thoughts on “A Mouth Full of Gravel Won’t Pay the Bills

  1. Really good post. Hard work don’t get rewarded that much in our country either, so I could relate to your concerns. Thanks!

  2. i totally agree with this posting. lazy people who are not ill feed off the government, while proud americans work three jobs to try to feed their own families. i could go on and on with my thoughts, but i won’t bore you. the country is wrong and going to hell, but isn’t this what God has said, that we will make bad choices and then have to pay the pied piper?

    • Terry, I know. There are many like this poor bag guy who are really trying and others just think they deserve to be given freebies. It is wrong. Our daughter has worked in grocery stores for 5 years and sees horror stories of people ripping us off. You and your situation helping your brother Al are the people who need it. God meant for us to help people like you and Al. And it bothers me that if the freeloaders are taking free food, etc. are they taking away from the people who really need it? It isn’t fair and it is disgusting. Just so you know, I pray for you and Al everyday.

  3. Close your eyes and visualize America without welfare and food stamps. What do you see? Peace and prosperity…probably not. I believe when the nanny state shuts down for lack of funds, you will have riots.

  4. Hi Cathy, I always enjoy how you write. Straight from the hip.

    I do, however, want to say that as Christians we usually judge (like) others based on their agreeance to our beliefs. What if the person bagging the groceries would have said, ‘I can relate to that pregnant mother,’ or had said, ‘I’m so thankful for this job because I use to be in her shoes? Would the conversation have continued?

    We’re are a people who should pray for those who are less fortunate (whether we believe them or not). We’re not in this person’s home, family life, or daily walk but we can be thankful that God looked at us when we were in our mess (deserved and undeserved) and how He pulled us out.

    Have a blessed rest of the week.

    • Tahlitha, I couldn’t agree with you more. First I would like to say something about this country’s welfare system. It’s been the same as it is now since the mid 1990’s. It was worse before. There are a lot of people out there who are receiving assistance for honest reasons!
      I, like you believe we are not to judge others, we are to love as Jesus loved/loves.

    • Tahlitha, Thank you for your comments. I so treasure your views and words.

      Yes, the conversation would have continued. We live in a very poor area of SC. The major employer here is we have the largest Air Force Training base in the world for Jet Fighters and Bomb sites.

      Unfortunately due to the lack of education with so many here they depend on assistance. I totally agree with helping people who really need it. This particular mother was one of many I see regularly dressed in expensive clothes and as I said her son was playing on a Nintendo. It is distressing to see this; they walk out the door and get into SUV’s, and cars worth more than ours put together.

      The bag man knows the people who come in that store; he told me he knew her and her family; which is why I remarked he said she didn’t need welfare. He was black, very thin and I could tell very hard working and very angry.

      Our daughter has worked in this same grocery store before and has come home in tears at how some of the people treated her who were on welfare; and she has said there are more on welfare than not.

      If the bag man had said otherwise, I would have asked him why he felt that way? I would have gladly listened to his story simply because I try not to be judgmental. I will give you an example.

      There is a wonderful man who worked for my husband for 7 months last year. In his late 20’s now, he had been incarcerated for 3 years for assault and battery. He did his time, got out and is trying to make a better life for himself. When the state school my husband works for found out he had lied on his application stating he had never been imprisoned, they fired him. He is black, strong and capable; intelligent and the state that says they want to help him fires him. We have become his family and are doing what we can to help him. His DL was taken away due to his crimes, he has no car or phone and lives in a tiny trailer. He is getting some assistance, but wants to work. This makes no sense. He is very sorry for his youthful bad choices and yet the state of SC fired him.

      I don’t know how it is where you live, but I do know especially since my husband works directly handling Financial Assistance at his job, you wouldn’t believe the money that is being wasted. So I speak this with actual, first hand knowledge that the state of SC needs to overhaul it’s welfare system completely.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

      • Hi Cathy, glad we talked. Comments can open up conversation and awareness.

        Always a blessing.

      • Tahlitha, I am too and I didn’t mean to run away without saying God bless but our oven blew up! I got up long enough to turn on the broiler and the top element literally went off like a bomb! The back part of it almost caught fire! I think that is a blog post…

        I do understand where you are coming from completely. SC is basically broke and our governor is trying to get it straight; but it includes budget cuts all over. Believe me, I thank the good Lord every day that Mark has a job.

        My point is we need to help people that can’t work; like Terry and her brother Al. SC needs to have more accountability of where the funds are going.

        I am writing a letter tonite for our friend (Zack) the guy I was telling you about to help him get his record clean. He absolutely loves my husband for the job he had with him; he sent us an email that was so sweet I almost cried. He could use prayers for a good job; and to get his license back. God bless!

        Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

  5. The last two out of three blogs have been about what’s bugged you in the grocery store – maybe you should consider staying out of grocery stores! 🙂
    Love the saying about free speech and hate/intolerance – so true!

  6. Incredible story! We need much prayer for our country!
    God Bless you & yours!

  7. Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE and commented:
    Do not throw your pearl to the swine!

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